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Fitbit One Review

10 juni 2015
Fitbit One Review

I started getting interested in an activity tracker around November 2014. I was mostly drawn to knowing how many steps I took and how many calories I would burn during the day, but I was also very curious how my sleeping quality would be. I always had the impression it took me ages to doze off! So I knew I didn’t just want a pedometer, it needed to do more than that. However, the first activity tracker I had my eye on was a bracelet and was demanding quite some money from my wallet. So I decided to wait a little longer for a promotion or until a better alternative would come along.

And the better alternative did came along: the Fitbit One!

After 6 months of being on my wishlist, a promotion came along and I decided to give in and take my first step (no pun intended!) into tracking my activity… And I absolutely loved it!

Read along for my Fitbit One journey and to find out why I love it so much!

Fitbit One Review

I bought my Fitbit One on May 2nd, so I’m officially using mine for over a month now. The reason I completely fell for it was that it suited all my needs and it wasn’t a bracelet (it’s a clip!). I like things to be practical and honestly, my watch is the only thing I want on my wrist. You can clip this tracker on your belt, in the pocket of your jeans or in the middle of your bra! Seriously: this thing is like a ninja, you won’t see it or feel it!

I think it’s really much easier than a bracelet you can see all the time. It’s less noticeable, rather than people asking you “what that bracelet is you’re wearing like all the time”. And it simply doesn’t match my choice of jewellery. There, I said it! ;)

I clip my Fitbit One onto the pocket of my jeans or on the waistband of my legging while I’m working out. When I’m sleeping, I slide it into a sleep band that goes around my wrist.

So this is how my Fitbit One looks like:

Fitbit One Review

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What do you get?

Fitbit One Review What's Inside

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If you open the package, there’s a lot in it. You get your tracker and a clip, so you can attach it to whatever you like and you get a sleep band for tracking during your sleep.

Synchronising your data goes flawlessly with Bluetooth and WiFi, but you also get a sync dongle you can put in a USB port on your computer. This way, you can sync your data via the computer. I just let it sit in my computer so I avoid losing it. It basically syncs when I start up my computer and the programme. However, there’s an app for that, ofcourse ;)

For the very first use, it’s good to charge your Fitbit first. You get a charging cord you can connect with any USB charging device. I generally use my power adapter from my iPhone, which is perfectly fine.


The setup is super easy! Put the gold contacts of your Fitbit on the right side of your sync dongle, connect the other USB end to your computer and it will start searching for your Fitbit. You’ll have to enter a code during the installation that shows up on your Fitbit, just to make sure they’ve got the right one. Try avoiding other Fitbit devices around you while setting up your own. I had to leave my Fitbit in the other room to help mom set up hers. But after it’s been set up, it’s fine and you can walk happily around without the other devices interfering.

You also get to specify some personal data like your name, sex, age, height and weight so your Fitbit is really personalised. Afterwards, you can log in to the Fitbit community and have fun with your online profile.

You might have to charge your Fitbit after the installation, depending on how much battery was already on the Fitbit when you bought it. But no problem, the Fitbit charges between one or two hours!

Then you only have to download the app and get started! The app is really easy with a simple display.


Your Fitbit One has a led-display so you can see your data clearly, even when it’s dark. The tracker is available in black or burgundy. I chose black, because it’s a neutral colour that will blend in easily.

To see your most recent achievements, just click on the little button on your tracker and you’ll instantly see how many steps you’ve taken or how many floors you’ve climbed.

Activity tracker

The whole point of getting my Fitbit One was to track my activity during the day! This little bad boy counts how many:

Steps I take
Kilometres I walk
Calories I burn (estimated on personal data & activity)
Floors I climb (only counts going up the stairs, not down)

And then there’s that cute flower that marks your level of activity! The more active you are, the more petals it displays.

Sleep tracker

The one thing that kept me from just buying a pedometer, was that I was really interested in my sleeping patterns! I always have the feeling I’m taking forever to doze off and sometimes I wondered how many times I was awake during the night if I had a bad night sleep.

Fitbit One Review Sleep TrackerI only have to look at my app in the morning to know all of this. This is how my sleep overview looks like after a normal night. I sometimes fall asleep after 5 to 10 minutes, but that night I needed around 15 minutes to doze off. Not as bad as I thought, actually! I always had the feeling I needed half an hour, at least! I think it’s cool you can see exactly when I go into different sleep stages. Hold your finger down and slide to see what happened at what time. You can see more sleep data in your Dashboard on the internet, like your sleep quality and how long you took to fall asleep.

When I wake up, I hold the tracker’s button down to indicate that I’m awake. As soon as I sync my tracker with my app, it gives a nice overview of:

⊕ How many hours I’ve slept
⊕ What the percentage of my sleep quality is
⊕ How many times I’ve woken up or when I was restless

My Fitbit also has a silent alarm clock built in, which I think is fantastic! If you sleep alone, it’s nice to be woken up softly by tiny vibrations on your wrist. If I’m staying over at my boyfriend, I don’t need to set my iPhone alarm anymore causing him to unnecessarily wake up too. The vibrations are silent enough to only wake you up!

You can also use it to give you a subtle reminder of something during the day, but I experienced that it would take a while for me to notice that something was buzzing in my pocket. But I can imagine that it’s better to have a silent reminder than the awkward moment of shutting your loud phone alarm off at the office or during a meeting. Have I told you yet this tracker really is like a ninja? ;)

Health tracker

But my tracker does much more than just activity and sleep tracking! It also keeps track of:

⊕ How many active minutes you had
⊕ How much water you drink
⊕ How many weight you have to lose
⊕ How many calories you’ve eaten

Active minutes are nice to see if you go for a run or are at the gym, but keep in mind that you better log an exercise like biking or lifting weights. This is something I’ve noticed: although I’m at the gym for 2 hours, it never gives me 120 active minutes. So I’m guessing that it doesn’t count when I’m “standing still”, while I might be lifting weights on a machine.

The rest like water intake, weight and calories is something you need to log manually. There are devices like special scales you can connect to your Fitbit (so it uploads your data from the scale to your tracker), but I don’t have those. I log my water intake and my weight, but I don’t keep track of my calories intake. Personally, I think that’s just a bit too much to keep myself busy with and I’m actually happy with just eating healthy. But for those who want to, you can log lots of food and it has quite a large food database to give you a nice estimate on your calories!

You can set your own goals or let Fitbit give you goals based on how many weight you want to lose.


A little more details before I share my own personal experience with my Fitbit One, but I guess you’ve already noticed I’m over the moon with this product ;)

Your Fitbit One can be synchronised with both Mac and PC and you can use the app on lots of Android or iOS devices. You can go to their website to find out if your device supports the app!

Forgot to enter sleep mode last night? Doesn’t matter, your tracker remembers up to 7 days of data, so it’s just a matter of entering the times you went to sleep and woke up again. Or maybe you didn’t sync in a few days? Just hit “sync” on your app, that’s it! The tracker does the rest! Actually, this isn’t even an issue for me, as I probably sync a dozen times a day, haha! Whenever I log water, I synchronise too. Easy peasy!

Battery life is 10 to 14 days, so that sounds pretty good to me! I’ve only needed to charge two times in one month, so my tracker goes a long way! :)

Attention! Your Fitbit is not waterproof, so no swimming! It is sweat and splash proof though, so no worries if you hit the gym or catch a little rain while running outside.

My goals and personal experience with the Fitbit One

Overall I’m very pleased with this activity tracker! I’ve loved it from the beginning and I can’t go without it anymore.

Here are my goals:

⊗ Steps: 10.000
⊗ Distance: 8,05 kilometres
⊗ Calories Burned: 2.182 calories
⊗ Active Minutes: 30 minutes
⊗ Floors climbed: 10 floors
⊗ Water: 1,893 litre
⊗ Weight: 55 kg

I can get a little obsessed with all the goals that have to be met by the end of the day… But it does really motivate me to do better! If I only need to drink one more glass of water or just a few more steps before I reach my goal, I usually do so! Especially since my mom got a Fitbit One too: now we’re in a healthy competition on who gets the most steps every week! You can also earn badges and every week you get a nice week overview by e-mail.

This is how the app looks like:

Review Fitbit OneAs you can see, this was a good day!

Getting everything to green becomes a real game and I’m always happy when I meet one of my goals before the day has ended. I meet most of my goals, but some days are just harder. On my fitness days I can easily get my active minutes, but on a resting day it can get a little tricky to colour those active minutes green.

You can also participate in challenges, but I just haven’t tried it yet! You can have daily challenges, weekly challenges and challenges with friends and family. Now that my mom has one too, I might get in on a challenge or two just to keep things exciting!

Sleeping with the Fitbit was a bit weird at first, because I wasn’t used to having something around my wrist. (Can you imagine? I like my boyfriend hugging me when I sleep, but wearing a sleep band? No way!) The sleep band is so light and if you keep it loose, you probably won’t notice anymore after a night or two. Just remind yourself to put it in sleep mode before falling asleep!

Something I find very quirky and cute is that every time I pick up my tracker, it gives a little greeting like “Hello, Tessa!“, “Rock on! or “Let’s go!” It’s actually motivating, I think!

One last tip: do not forget to take your Fitbit off your pants/bra/belt and avoid throwing it in the laundry! Your washing machine might be BFF’s with your clothes, but this is not a meet-up you want to have! ;)


Do you also have a Fitbit device? Let’s connect and be Fitbuddies! Leave your e-mail below and I’ll add you :)

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