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4 november 2018
ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic Review Anverelle

Fall has arrived and made its way to my daily make-up! I was asked by ARTDECO to review their newest make-up line: Fall For The New Classic (oh yes, pun intended). It is, just like their other collections, full of lipsticks, eyeliners, mascara and eyeshadow. This time it’s a unique combination of modern and classic that inspired this make-up collection. Graphic and geometric lines are found throughout the collection with expressive colours, classic femininity  and elegance. Check out the look I’ve made with the Fall For The New Classic line and read all about the products:

This ARTDECO review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Fall For The New Classic: The Magnetic Palette

ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic Magnetic Palette Review Anverelle

Magnetic Palette: € 9,95

The star of a make-up collection is, for me personally, always the eyeshadow palette. With Fall For The New Classic, it’s the magnetic palette. There’s not only eyeshadow in here, but the brand also sneaked in a brow powder which complemented my own brow shade – yay!

So not only can you store eyeshadows in the magnetic palette, you can also put in blush or brow powder! Remember my previous post on ARTDECO’s Wild Romance? The pink and purple eyeshadows and two blushers fit perfectly into this magnetic palette. So I can mix and match, just the way I like it!

There are 6 eyeshadows available, of which I received 4. My personal palette also contains a brow powder. The magnetic palette is very useful on the go; it’s small, you can switch up the colors and products and thanks to the magnetic mechanism it won’t open until you want it to. Hooray to no spillage of eyeshadow EVERYWHERE in your (make-up) bag! :-) Now, let’s talk about the shades of my palette and how they perform. From left to right:

Eye Brow Powder n°12 Truffle – n°256 Pearly Illusion – n°195 Pearly Taupe – n°180 Pearly Golden Olive – n°162 Pearly Chocolate

Fall For The New Classic: The eyeshadows

ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic Magnetic Palette 1 Review Anverelle

A closer look on the Magnetic Palette of Fall For The New Classic

The shimmer eyeshadows are silky soft, easily blendable and buildable. They are already quite pigmented, but if you want some extra, spritz your eyeshadow brush with some fixing spray. The hold is also great. Even though I have oily eyelids they still stayed on for quite a while – even without primer!

The colours are stunning. My palette consists of brown, gray and and olive tones and they match perfectly with my green eyes. My favourite is the first eyeshadow, n°256 Pearly Illusion. It definitely does justice to its name… Because while it doesn’t show up on pictures, this seemingly grey shade comes out in a magical iridescent brown. The other shades work in a perfect harmony and creates the perfect soft brown/greyish smokey look.

ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic Look Review Anverelle

Full look on “Fall For The New Classic” with n°724 Terracotta matte lipstick

Fall For The New Classic: Blush Couture

ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic Blush Couture 1 Review Anverelle

Blush Couture – € 23,95

The next eye-catcher is a limited edition trio blush. The two slightly pearly colours and one matte can be used individually or in one swirl. Texture wise it’s a very light blush, with fine powder. Colour wise it’s a bomb of colour! You’ll definitely want to tap off the excess powder from your brush with this one.

Fall For The New Classic: Mesmerizing gaze

ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic High Precision Liquid Liner and Ultra Deep Black Mascara 1 Review Anverelle

Ultra Deep Black Mascara – € 15,95 // High Precision Liquid Liner – € 19,95

The Ultra Deep Black Mascara honours its name! It has intense black pigments that wrap around your eyelashes for a show stopping glance. The bristles separate my lashes well and add length and volume. The formula is nice to build up, since it’s not particularly wet or dry. Very dry or wet mascaras tend to clump on me and just makes applying it more difficult – but not with the Ultra Deep Black Mascara :-) To finish, the mascara also holds up pretty good for the whole day! It’s a great “just right” mascara that I love to use.

ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic High Precision Liquid Liner and Ultra Deep Black Mascara Review Anverelle

Ultra Deep Black Mascara – € 15,95 // High Precision Liquid Liner – € 19,95

Liquid liner is not my everyday go-to look, but when I do go for a cat eye, I prefer to use liquid eyeliners. This High Precision Liquid Liner isn’t pitch black, but a brand new colour in the Fall For The New Classic collection. In the colour n°2 Grey, it’s stepping away from harsh black liners and into something softer like this dark grey. A new favourite ;-)

Fall For The New Classic: Matte lipsticks

ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic High Performance Lipsticks 1 Review Anverelle

n° 749 Garnet Red // n°762 Grape Juice // n°738 Crimson Red // n°724 Terracotta – € 15,95

As always, an ARTDECO collection if full of lippies. Fall For The New Classic is no different. Next to two liquid lipproducts, there’s also four lipsticks to add to my growing collection. And since matte is all the rage this fall/winter, it’s no wonder these beauties are matte too! Paraben and talc free, the High Performance Lipstick delivers a creamy application with a matte finish. The lipsticks smell like vanilla (yum!) and apply smoothly. And again, just like the other lippies the colours are intense and pigmented. The lipsticks are in the red/brown/earthy tones.

Mango butter and coconut oil should keep your lips matte but hydrated, but alas I must conclude that – like every other matte, sadly – these mattes tend to dry out my lips. A shame, because I like the matte lipstick look… But until now I haven’t encountered any matte lippie that didn’t dry out my year long dry lips. It’s not easy finding one!

Here are the colours from left to right (photo on the left): n° 749 Garnet Red, n°762 Grape Juice, n°738 Crimson Red and n°724 Terracotta. Below you can find the colours photographed closer to show the colours better:

ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic High Performance Lipsticks Review Anverelle

Left to right: n°724 Terracotta // n°738 Crimson Red // n°762 Grape Juice // n° 749 Garnet Red – € 15,95

Fall For The New Classic: Matte liquids

ARTDECO Fall for the New Classic Full Mat Lip Color Review Anverelle

Full Mat Lip Colour: n°18 Raspberry Lover & n°33 Rosewood Praliné – € 11,95

The Full Mat Lip Colour gives an intense and matte finish. The texture is really soft, it’s comparable to a whipped formula like the NYX Soft Matte lip creams. One swipe on your lips gives an intense colour pay-off. The doe foot makes it easier to apply in terms of precision, but I do still struggle sometimes with a clean line on my bottom lip. After application the lippies dry up, making them long lasting and matte. They survive a meal, but be ready to re-apply if your lunch or dinner was greasy.

There are two colours available: n°18 Raspberry Lover, which is a strong berry red colour and n°33 Rosewood Praliné, which is a reddish brown. Just like the lipsticks I found that the liquid mattes are drying on my lips. But of course you can also pair this matte with a clear gloss to make them feel less dry, but then you’d skip the whole matte-is-hot trend right now :-) Up to you!

What do you think about the Fall For The New Classic collection by ARTDECO? Do you adapt your make-up colours to the seasons?

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