Face Shapes & Glasses – Beauty Class

18 september 2014


Usually I wear my contactlenses, but every now and then when my eyes feel tired or I feel the need for an extra accessory, I wear my glasses.

I started wearing glasses because I noticed I was getting shortsighted. When I told my optician I had no idea what glasses would fit me, she was very helpful and guided me through my face shape and personal style. It’s one thing to just sell the most expensive glasses, but it’s another thing to personally guide your customer and make sure they are completly satisfied with their pair of glasses when it comes to their personal style and budget.

If you need glasses, I would recommend to go to your local optician. They will help you further and maybe you’ll even try something different! If you decide to buy (sun)glasses online, you might need a guide to help determine what face shape you are, to ensure you’ve made the right choice and avoid sending it back. Here’s a guide to discover your face shape!

Face Shapes & Glasses – Beauty Class

Pull your hair and bangs back. This way you will see your face shape more easily. If you find it difficult to determine your shape on sight, try taking a photo, also with your hair pulled back. Trace the outlines of your face and take a look. If you still can’t make up your mind: The Beauty Department has a wonderful post on finding your face shape.

There are a few more shapes out there, but I will present you the most common ones:

* Oval
* Heart
* Round
* Square
* Triangle

(Other face shapes: Oblong, Diamond and Inverted Triangle. The oblong is a longer variation of the square, the diamond is a variation on the square and the inverted triangle speaks for itself.)

Does your face resemble an oval?
You have slightly wider cheekbones and gentle narrowing at your forehead and jaw. Your features are well-balanced.
oval face tessaCongratulations! Your face shape looks awesome with pretty much every frame. An oval face is very versatile, but a square or rectangle frame will give a nice contrast. Make sure you keep your face in balance, so choose a frame that is not too small. Oversized looks fine, but don’t overdo it.

bril oval

Does your face resemble a heart?
You have a broad forehead and a small chin. You have high cheekbones.
heart shapeBalance out your interesting variety of widths: look for rimless frames in a light colour or frames that are ‘heavier’ on the bottom. This will soften your face. Try to avoid embellishments or too much detailing on the top, as these might feel overwhelming.
bril heartDoes your face resemble a round circle?
Your width and length have the same proportions. You have full cheeks, a wide forehead and a round chin.
round face
Round faces are the perfect match for strong, angular frames. You will look your best wearing a frame that adds angles: it breaks up the structure of your face and makes it appear longer and thinner. How about a daring cat-eye frame? And don’t shy away from colour or prints, they look great on you!bril roundDoes your face resemble a square?
You have a strong jawline and a broad forehead. Your proportions are alike. square faceYou have beautiful strong features! To make them stand out, try narrow frames or frames that have more width than depth. Or give round frames a try for a nice contrast. Avoid boxy or sharp frames: they should always be soft. If you want to lenghten your face, choose a frame that sits high on your nose.

bril square

Does your face resemble a triangle?
You are the widest at your jaw and you gradually narrow down to your forehead.

triangle face

Try frames that are accentuated with colour and/or detailing on the top. Why not try a flirty cat-eye? Another option is to wear glasses with an upper dark rim, like shown below.
bril triangle

* Every face shape is beautiful. Each shape has its assets!
* Not everyone has ONE face shape. Sometimes you’re just between two shapes. If you feel like this is the case, try to apply the tips for the shapes you think you’re in the middle of.
* If you’re wearing glasses, be aware your look changes and your make-up should be adapted to it (but let’s keep that for another post!).

Have you discovered your face shape yet? Do you wear glasses because you have to, or just as an accessory?

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