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Double Cleansing with Lierac Hydragenist

28 juni 2017
Lierac Hydragenist Double Cleansing Anverelle Review

This product review includes products that are sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my skin so I can keep it in a pristine condition for as long as I can. A great skincare routine starts with a good cleanse and lately I’ve become a great fan of the double cleansing method. So when Lierac recently introduced me to their Hydragenist range, I was immediately sold! Beautiful packaging, a great yet subtle scent and products I’ve come to adore.

The Asian Way: Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is a very popular skincare routine that originated from Asia and is as simple as it gets: you literally cleanse your face twice.
Before you shout the famous phrase “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”, let me quickly explain to you how it works ;-)

Double cleansing is using an oil-based and a water-based cleanser. The oil-based one will cleanse your skin’s surface and will softly melt away any pollution and make-up. A deeper cleanse is achieved with the next step: the water-based cleanser. This will take away any residue of the oil and eliminates sweat, sebum and dead skin cells.

Hydragenist: Double Cleansing 2-in-1

Lierac Hydragenist Double Cleansing Anverelle Review 2

The reason why I’m so enthusiastic about Lierac’s Hydragenist cleansers is because not only are the products based on the double cleansing method, their products are actually a 2-in-1! Each product is both oil and water-based: it’s an oily texture that changes into an emulsion once it comes into contact with water.

There is also hyaluronic acid added to each cleanser. Each cleanser contributes to your skin’s moisture level – hyaluronic acid keeps that moisture locked in your skin, thus hydrating it. Anti-aging properties are usually found in other skincare products such as your daycream or serum. But to have it already incorporated in your cleansers is a great way to start with an anti-aging routine!

Also, the scent of the Hydragenist cleansers are just divine. Jasmine, lotus flowers and white gardenia gives off a relaxing vibe to start or end your day with :-)

Every skin type has other needs, so Lierac has developed different cleansers for each skin type. Let me introduce you to the following skin types and their corresponding double cleansers:

Double Cleansing for All Skin Types

Lierac Double Cleansing Hydragenist All Skin Types Anverelle Review

All Skin Types: Micellar Milk & Gel Lotion

Step 1: Micellar milk – can also be used on the eyes
Step 2: Gel Lotion – apply with cotton pad

The steps are quite clear: apply the micellar milk on your face and eyes and then add water to emulsify. Take it off and then apply the gel lotion. The gel lotion doesn’t need to be rinsed off and will finalise your cleanse and close your pores – that’s why you’ll see I’ve included the lotion in each different skin type routine.

The Micellar Milk is a very gentle cleanser and ideal to use in the morning. You can absolutely use it in the evening as well, but to take off make-up I would suggest to use a more heavy duty cleanser like the balm or the foam wash. The micellar milk is the only product you can use on your eyes.

MICELLAR MILK  200 ml – € 19,90
GEL LOTION 200 ml – € 19,90

Double Cleansing for Dry Skin

Lierac Double Cleansing Hydragenist Dry Skin Type Anverelle Review

Dry Skin Type: Balm & Gel Lotion + SOS Hydrating Mask

Step 1: Balm – rinse off
Step 2: GelLotion – apply with cotton pad

I don’t have a very dry skin, but I too really enjoy using the balm. Especially to take off make-up it can really help you out. The cleanser is an oily balm that immediately melts in your hands. Once rinsed with water, it will leave your face soft and hydrated. Quite the mini spa experience if you ask me!

I’ve also included the Hydragenist SOS Mask for the dry skin routine. It’s not a cleanser, but if you’re looking for something that will give your (very) dry skin an extra hydrating and plumpingboost, this is a must.

OILY BALM 120 gr – € 22,90
GEL LOTION 200 ml – € 19,90
SOS MASK  75 ml – € 29,90

Double Cleansing for Combination Skin

Lierac Double Cleansing Hydragenist Combination Skin Type Anverelle Review

Combination Skin: Mousse & Gel Lotion

Step 1: Mousse
Step 2: Gel Lotion

I’m a combination skin type and besides the balm, the foam wash is my favourite product for taking off make-up! At first it’s a mousse-like texture and later on it transforms in a gorgeous foam wash. Lierac advises to use the micellar milk to take off eye make-up, but I found that if you’re a bit careful in applying and if you don’t have sensitive eyes you can use the other cleansers as well.
MOUSSE 150 ml – € 19,90
GEL LOTION 200 ml – € 19,90

My Hydragenist Ritual

Lierac Double Cleansing My Hydragenist Ritual Anverelle Review

Since I was so lucky to receive the entire double cleansing line, I’ve developed my own little Lierac Hydragenist routine:

Step 1: Mousse – rinse off
Step 2: Gel Lotion – apply with cotton pad
Step 3: Mist
Step 4: Lip Balm

On most days my combination skin is happy with the mousse and the gel lotion. However, I use the balm and the SOS mask whenever I’ve had some heavy flying days and my face needs a little bit more hydration. I use the micellar milk if I just want a “softer” cleanse – I usually use it in the morning.

An interesting thing I want to show you is the hydrating “mist”. I’m putting mist between quotes, since it’s actually a little bit heavier than the mists you know. Unlike others, this one you can’t put on after your make-up or during the day. This gel-like mist acts like a moisturiser for combination skin. Normal moisturising creams can sometimes be too heavy, but this gel is lighter and makes it perfect to apply after your cleansing routine. Because hydrationisabsolutekey – no matter what skin type you have!

And the last step before I start with my make-up is the Hydragenist lip balm. It’s available in a clear gloss or a light pink shade. It’s super hydrating and gives my lips a slightplump. So it’s perfect to prep them for lipstick or just for a natural glow.

MOUSSE 150 ml – € 19,90
MICELLAR MILK  200 ml – € 19,90
SOS MASK  75 ml – € 29,90
HYDRATING MIST 100 ml – € 29,90
PLUMPING LIP BALM natural or rosé 3 gr – € 14,90

So this is my new double cleansing routine! Do you like it? Have you ever heard of the double cleansing method?

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