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Detoxing with Skin Oxygen by Biotherm

8 augustus 2017
Biotherm Skin Oxygen Detox Skincare Review

This Biotherm Skin Oxygen product review includes products that are sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Living close to the city and a busy work schedule can really leave an impact on your skin. Biotherm has been doing some research on the effects of pollution and living in the hustle and bustle of the city and the consequences are not something to jump for… Think enlarged pores, oily skin, faster aging of the skin, dark spots, fragile skin and redness. #howaboutno?

I was recently invited by Biotherm to try out their new detoxing and purifying range. With Skin Oxygen, I’m being challenged to improve my skin in only 7 daysjust like last time!

Curious if Skin Oxygen made an impact on my skin’s health? In this review I’ll let you meet with the superstar ingredient for this new range, a little how-to with introduction of the products and of course the before and after!

Superfood for Superskin

The superstar and key ingredient to the new Skin Oxygen range is chlorella. Chlorella is an algae that can be found in fresh water. Chlorella is able to purify fresh water all by itself and thanks to its chlorofyl substance, it has a deep green colour. It is highly detoxifying because it can attach itself to pollution like for instance heavy metals and eliminate them. Sounds pretty great, no? Chlorella is already available for consumption in the form of powder or capsules – many healthy foodies mix it in their smoothies. It does wonders for your health and skin!

And now Biotherm has also included it in their new Skin Oxygen range; a completely detoxifying experience from cleansing to the daycream and wondermist. It’s all about arming our skin against the daily pollution it encounters while going out or working. Skin Oxygen promises fresh and radiant skin, minimize pores and eliminate spots. Sounds like a true detox to me! ;)

My Skin Oxygen Routine

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Cleanser Lotion Skincare Anverelle

I start my routine with the Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser – just a dollop is enough. It’s a very comfortable gel cleanser that quickly forms into foam, especially when you use a bit of water with it. Just massage it in your skin and then rinse off!

Depolluting Cleanser – 150 ml – € 27,70

Next is the Oxygenating Lotion – this is the toner of the Skin Oxygen range. Two to three pumps on a cotton pad is enough. There’s a little bit of peppermint leaf water in the toner, making it a very refreshing step in this routine. The effect feels a bit like putting Tea Tree on your skin – you can feel it’s going to cleanse your pores and making them smaller overtime.

Oxygenating Lotion – 200 ml – € 27,70

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Serum Cooling Gel Skincare ReviewFollowing on to the serum, I use the Strengthening Concentrate. It’s an anti-oxidant serum to help you combat city life pollution. Whenever I’ve put it on these past 7 days my skin felt cool and calm. And together with the cooling gel, which is the next step, it’s the perfect base for make-up! I apply the serum on the top of my fingers and then I gently tap it into my skin.

Strengthening Concentrate – 30 ml / 50 ml – € 44,40 / € 55,00

Ah, the day cream! Or should I say gel? ;-) The Cooling Gel is your perfect companion to strengthen the skin against pollution. The texture is of course gel-like and definitely gives a cool breeze to your skincare routine! It also spreads very nicely – you’ll only need a little amount of product. Tip: for extra freshness during the summer, put your cooling gel in the refrigerator! ;-)

Cooling Gel – 50 ml – € 50,00


Biotherm Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist Skincare Review Anverelle

To finish, you can use the Wonder Mist as a last step. Think of this mist like your personal pollution bodyguard! This mist is a light and non-sticky spray and contains SPF 50+ (against UVB rays) and PA +++ (against UVA rays). A must to bring with you on summery days in the city. And very important, this mist comes with a matte finish!

Wonder Mist – 75 ml – € 32,00

All the Skin Oxygen products are free from parabens and mineral oils.

Detoxing “Wave Massage” with Skin Oxygen

You can apply the lotion, serum and cooling gel however you want to – I prefer tapping the serum into my skin! But Biotherm has come up with a “wave massage” to use after your Skin Oxygen products if you have a little bit more time in the morning. Its purpose is to release and remove toxins from your skin.

Here’s how it’s done:

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Golf Massage Skincare Review Anverelle

Detoxing Golf Massage after applying the Skin Oxygen’s routine

Step 1: Slide your index fingers along your jaw to open up the lymphatic vessels.

Step 2: Place your thumbs behind your ears, pushing the acupuncture points close to your nose. Make wave movements with the rest of your fingers on your cheeks and in your neck up until your collar bone.

Step 3: Place your thumbs behind your ears, pushing your other fingers in a wave movement on your forehead and neck up until your collar bone.

Before & After with Skin Oxygen

Skin Oxygen is the perfect range to detox from big city life pollution. With my brand new job as flight attendant my skin has definitely changed a bit. “Thanks” to the pollution, it had become more oily again and my pores were starting to get more visible again… So I was glad to accept the invitation and challenge from Biotherm to try out the Skin Oxygen range.

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Skincare Review Before After

Before and after using Skin Oxygen for one week.

So this is my before and after photo! Aside from the slight tan I got within my week of trying out Skin Oxygen, let’s look at the differences. I will be judging on oilness, dullness and visibility of the pores. Next to that, I’ll look at acne, roughness and (small) wrinkles.

Firstly I want to mention that there’s only a week’s difference between the two pictures. Just like my previous review, I do believe another second week will give a more pronounced result. However, while maybe not all visible on the photos, I did feel a difference!

So oilness first. Personally, I feel like using the toner and the wonder mist have definitely made a difference. At the end of the day I used to press my fingers on my forehead and have it looking like I dipped them in olive oil (“lol” and “ew” at the same time I tell ya!) while now it’s more of a natural glow. As a combination skin it’s not always easy to find a good balance within the different zones on your face so I feel like this mini detox has balanced out my skin a bit more. The darker area around my nose/mouth have also faded away – that part has definitely calmed down.

Sadly the pores at the apples of my cheeks hasn’t seen much improvement – maybe next week I’ll see some better results! Acne-wise I could see that the two spots on the apple of my right cheek and that pesky little small red pimple right under my right eye had disappeared. (Uhm, what’s with favoring the right side of my face only for spots? :p ) The under-the-eye-one was a little spot that before I started the detox, I just couldn’t get rid of for two weeks already and I think the cleanser and toner did a good job of finally getting rid of it!

Roughness doesn’t exactly show up on the pictures, but I can testify that after the whole routine your face feels very soft, cool and calmed down. And as a 24-year-old I wouldn’t even dare to begin about the non-existence of my wrinkles but dare I say that little smile line has faded just a bit? Maybe it’s just me ;) I really enjoyed using the products and will continue to do so. I’m super excited to see what the results are after two weeks. After all, a week is not so long ;)

I also totally love the scent of the products! Biotherm says it’s inspired by mountain lakes; they’ve mixed citrus, white tea and flower essences to become this rather “green” and modern scent. It’s fresh & ideal to wake up to and soft enough to end your day with. Approved and big thumbs up!

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Skincare Review

Skin Oxygen is exclusively available at ICI PARIS XL until August 27th.

What do you think of a detoxing ritual in the morning? Tell me your thoughts and comments on the Skin Oxygen video I’ve made!

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