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Claudia’s Party Collection ▸ Claudia Schiffer

1 januari 2019
Claudia's Party Collection Claudia Schiffer Anverelle Review

Many brands are offering evening looks or party collections during the holidays to ring in 2019! Claudia Schiffer Make-Up also has their special end-of-the-year products with Claudia’s Party Collection. It was inspired by Claudia’s favourite moments on the red carpet and magazine shoots. The result is curated and luxurious must haves to create an effortless and beautiful evening look.

I’ve received a couple of items to achieve this evening look: an illuminating primer, a highlighter in both powder and liquid form, two lipglosses, a smokey eye pencil and a volumising mascara. Let’s see if we can accomplish the perfect holiday look with Claudia’s Party Collection!

This Claudia’s Party Collection review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Claudia’s Party Collection Look:

Claudia's Party Collection Claudia Schiffer Anverelle Review

Party All Night Long

Claudia's Party Collection by Claudia Schiffer Illuminating Primer Anverelle Review

Illuminating Primer – € 19,95

Holding everything in place all day (or night) long, starts with a primer. Ready for plumped, prepped and perfected skin? Use the Illuminating Primer to help you out. This primer will get you a light diffused and nourished skin – and it’s a great radiance booster! There are tiny gold particles in this illuminating primer, but no worries. You won’t look like a disco ball, especially when you put a layer of foundation on top. It truly gives a lit-from-within glow that I absolutely adore! The primer is fast-absorbent and not sticky at all. A great plus, if you ask me :-)

Shine Bright

Claudia's Party Collection by Claudia Schiffer Highlighting Powder and The Illuminator Anverelle Review

Highlighting Powder € 29,50 // The Illuminator € 17,95

Highlighting is still very on trend. So we’re going to continue with the two highlighting products that are part of Claudia’s Party Collection. Meet the highlighting powder and the illuminator!

Let’s start with the highlighting powder in n° 4 Golden Glow. This ultra light powder with vitamin E has delicate golden shimmers that work perfectly with the primer and the liquid highlighter. It sets your liquid highlighter very well, but works beautifully on its own as well. I even dare to use the powder as a substitute for eyeshadow! The powder is very fine, so it doesn’t “sit” on the skin.

Next on the list is the Illuminator itself – and perhaps one of my favourite items in Claudia’s Party Collection :-) It’s a gorgeous and subtle pink satin that can be used both on the cheeks and the brow bone. It’s a liquid highlighter that can be applied with a brush for precision, or you can just blend it in with your fingers. It feels soft on your skin and gives such a beautiful sheen – I’m in love! Do watch out a little bit on the dryer patches of your face. I have a dry nose bridge, so the product needed a little Beauty Blender love to make sure it was blended in nicely with my foundation.

Sultry Eyes

Claudia's Party Collection Luxurious Volume Mascara and Smokey Eye Styler Anverelle Review

Luxurious Volume Mascara € 19,95

With Claudia’s Party Collection there’s also an eyeshadow palette – which I sadly didn’t receive. I always believe the star product in a collection is the eyeshadow palette, but what I can show you is the Smokey Eye Styler and the Luxurious Volume Mascara!

Everytime I’m gifted a new mascara from Claudia Schiffer’s collections, I’m stunned with the packaging and the luxurious feel to it all. It’s also al-ways a banging mascara that I love. I’m guessing it’s something about their formula or type of mascara brush – just really good! The Luxurious Volume Mascara results in seductively full and long lashes. #hearteyes! It’s a super creamy formula, which is something I always admire in a mascara – the fact that it keeps my lashes soft is a big plus for me! The mascara has a long hold, can resist a sneaky rub in the eyes (wait… It’s not even midnight yet!) and is kind to contact lenses and sensitive eyes.

The Smokey Eye Styler is not part of Claudia’s Party Collection but in the absence of the Quad Eye Shadow, I’m using a smokey eye pencil to combine with the mascara for a sultry look. With those popping lips, we may want to keep our eyes a bit calmer ;-) The one end of this pencil reveals a creamy black eyeliner (n° 10 Noir). The other end – as you might have guessed already – has a little sponge to fade and blend your eyeliner to your own heart’s desire!

Kiss At Midnight

Claudia's Party Collection by Claudia Schiffer Lipgloss Anverelle Review

top: n° 98 Disco – € 14,95 // bottom: n° 97 Lurex – € 14,95

And to finish off the look, I also received two lipglosses – both very special and gaining popularity during the holiday and party season. You can use these as a lip topper, or you can go full on glam by using them as they’re meant to be: a lipgloss. n° 97 Lurex results in a silver sheen, while n° 98 Disco gives the lips a rose gold, almost holographic sheen.

On photos you will hardly see a difference between the silver or the rose gold (that’s why I’m only showing n° 98 in the beginning of the blogpost) but in real life you will notice the glitters are different. The lipgloss is very comfortable to wear and stays on quite a while. Except when you’re having a bit too many of the oven appetizers ;-)

What do you think of Claudia’s Party Collection? What is your holiday beauty look?

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