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Claudia Schiffer Make Up ▸ ARTDECO

26 oktober 2017
Claudia Schiffer Make Up Artdeco review Anverelle

It’s always nice to discover new brands and their products; ARTDECO x Claudia Schiffer is no exception. I had never heard of the brand before up until I met two representatives at a pr-event a few weeks ago.

They were there to present their newest make-up collaboration with Claudia Schiffer. I had already seen the box from afar and a glimpse of the glossy products while passing by… So my curiosity was at a peak when I arrived at their stand!

When the box openend completely, I was in awe: what a beautiful packaging! The products looked stunning and high end. I was very enthusiastic to hear and discover more about the make-up line and in the end I was gifted a lipstick and their contouring powder. So today I’ll review these items for you, but I’ll let you know in advance it doesn’t stop with just a lipstick and a contouring powder. They have eyeshadow, mascara, brow products, lipsticks and lipliners, powders, highlighter and a lip & cheek tint!

This ARTDECO product review includes products that are sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Claudia Schiffer: The Power of Make-Up

Claudia Schiffer Make Up Artdeco review Anverelle 4

The star of this make-up collaboration is Claudia Schiffer. I mostly remember/recognise her as one of the 90’s supermodels and her cameo in Westlife’s Uptown Girl – one of my favorite songs in the early 00’s :)

The press report also included an interview with Claudia Schiffer talking about everything from her own experience with make-up as a model to her very own collection with ARTDECO:

“When I was on set as a young model, I really used it to help me become a character and it helped me feel much more at home on the catwalk or in front of the camera. ARTDECO is a household name in Germany where I grew up – and their products are among the first I ever borrowed from my mother’s dressing table, so their experience was unquestionable.”

Cream Lipstick Caspar n°271

Claudia Schiffer Make Up Artdeco cream lipstick review Anverelle

Cream Lipstick in Caspar 271 // € 17,95

When I opened up the lipstick tube for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised!

It’s a gorgeous slightly orangey red – nice and vibrant for fall! You can find a picture of me wearing the lipstick at the bottom of this review :)

I really like applying this lipstick. Because of its gel-like formula, it gives my lips a smooth and full effect! It’s creamy to the touch and has excellent pigmentation. One swipe is actually enough to get a nice coverage!

And the best part? It’s paraben free – good news for those that worry about the fact we actually kinda eat half of our lipstick (!) by licking our lips, eating, etc. No harmful paraben build-up in our bodies :)

As you can see on the close-ups of this well-thought-out lipstick, it features a little raindrop print on the lipstick and a cloud on the tube.

The reason behind this particular design is actually super adorable! Claudia Schiffer is often nicknamed Claude – hence the “cloud” and raindrops on the lipstick! I think it’s just the cutest backstory on one of the products and it makes it so personal: the collection simply breathes Claudia Schiffer.

Claudia Schiffer Make Up Artdeco cream lipstick review Anverelle 3

The cream lipsticks are available in vivid orange (caspar n°271), intense red (poppy land n°300) and in a pink hue (candy cane n°420).

Contouring Powder Desert n°743.10

Claudia Schiffer Make Up Artdeco contour powder cream lipstick review Anverelle

Contour Powder // € 29,50

The contour powder is equally stunning. The packaging is just so glamorous with the nude pink and gold! It definitely gives it a luxurious feeling (which goes for the whole collection actually) and stands beautifully on your make-up table.

The contour powder is – just like the lipstick – paraben free. You also won’t find any mineral oils in this product. However, there is hyaluronic acid in it to hydrate the skin.

Claudia Schiffer Make Up Artdeco contour powder cream lipstick review Anverelle 2

The contour powder has a very soft and velvety texture. The fine powder keeps super tiny sparkles in it, but they are very subtle! No disco ball effect here, ladies: subtle glow it what this powder is all about!

I love to use this powder as a bronzer (since I’m not a full-on contouring girl). To me it’s important that my bronzer/contour shade is not too warm, or else it will look muddy or downright dirty. I’m happy to say Desert n°743.10 is a very good match for my skin tone; it has enough coolness in it to match my skin tone yet it’s warm enough to give me a subtle sun kissed glow. I find myself often reaching for this contour powder during my daily make-up routine – the sign of a very loved product!

Here’s the full look with the cream lipstick and the contour powder. What do you think? ;)

Claudia Schiffer Make Up Artdeco review Anverelle Selfie
What do you think about this ARTDECO x Claudia Schiffer collaboration? Are you curious for the other items in this collection?

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