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16 juni 2018
Claudia Beauty Essentials Anverelle Review

Claudia Schiffer is back with another collection in collaboration with ARTDECO. The previous collection could already conquer my make-up loving heart, and I’m pretty sure the Beauty Essentials are just as effortless looking as the previous collection.

It’s the look she’s worn on the catwalk, in front of the camera, on the red carpet and in her daily routine. “It’s simple to do if you have the right products“, says Claudia. That’s why she created Claudia Schiffer Beauty Essentials, with the most important products you’d need for the timeless Bardot look. I’m personally also a fan of the soft smokey eyes, nude lip and a healthy glow. It’s a step up from the no make-up look and you can easily recreate it to match it to your own tastes. Let’s take a look at these essentials!

This Claudia Schiffer Beauty Essentials review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Beauty Essentials: The Eyes

Claudia Beauty Essentials Quad Eyeshadow Denim Blue Eyeshadow Anverelle Review

Quad Eyeshadow – DENIM – €29,50

The first item I want to show you is immediately a powerful statement! Inside my box with all the Beauty Essentials, I think this quad is … the most eye catching ;-) Bright denim isn’t my usual choice of eyeshadow, but I definitely wanted to take the plunge and try it for this review. Results below!

Claudia Beauty Essentials Quad Eyeshadow Denim Anverelle Review

I think it’s safe to say it’s definitely not your average make-up look! But I previewed this on Instagram Stories and many of you actually liked it – so I’m guessing blue eyeshadow isn’t just for the 80’s ;-) This was originally just a test shoot to see how well the eyeshadow and look was picked up by the camera, but it turned out quite good, so I’ve kept the photos to put them in this review! :-)

Claudia Beauty Essentials Mascara Spider Anverelle Review

Mascara in “Spider” – € 17,95

Super Long Lash Mascara: I’m loving the “Spider” mascara at the moment! It separates my lashes really well and coats every eyelash. My lashes stay up all day long and don’t drop down; I don’t use an eyelash curler, so for me it’s important the formula has a bit of a hold! The formula is a little drier than I’m used to, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The castor oil and line seed extract keeps my lashes soft during the day – something I also value a lot in a mascara. Nobody likes hard eyelashes!

Smokey eye pencil – € 14,95 // Liquid eyeliner – € 17,95

Smokey eye pencil + smudger: I usually don’t go all out with a smokey eye; I much prefer to use an eye pencil and smudge it out a bit. Simple and elegant! Both the smokey eye pencils are creamy with a matte formula that’s easily blendable. Kudos to the integrated little sponge so you can just flip the pencil to the other side to smoke out your line. No need for extra brushes, you can put this pencil right in your travel make-up bag.

Available shades: n°15 Glint & n°20 Chestnut.

Liquid eyeliner: n°07 Espresso, the brown liner, has a reddish undertone that I don’t like. The liner dries up in an adequate time, so you can still correct small mistakes (we all know eyeliner isn’t always easy peasy!) N°1, Black Cab, is more my thing colour wise. I do have oily eyelids, but I did notice that your winged eyeliner can be wiped away by accident. So for me personally it doesn’t have that much staying power. Too bad, because I really think the eyeliner pen is very easy to use.

Available shades: n°07 Espresso & n°1 Black Cab

Eye Brow Styler: I was really happy to see the Eye Brow Styler in the colour n°20 Bark was a good colour match. It has a satin formula and glides on smoothly on my brows. Filling in my eyebrows is effortlessly and quick. The triangle shape – which I’m a big fan of – makes it easy to fill in your brows. I use the “sharp” side to draw little hairs where I could use some and use the triangle to fill in the rest. Like a lot of eyebrow pencils, it comes with a spoolie on the other side so you can quickly comb it in your favourite shape and adjust. Available shades: n°20 Bark

Beauty Essentials: The Nails

Claudia Beauty Essentials Nail Polish Anverelle Review

Nail Polish – € 10,95

As usual, ARTDECO’s nail polishes are top notch. They covered my gel nails in one layer, impressive! These are great everyday and subtle colours – I’m especially in love with Dreamy n°30, which just seems to be the perfect “my nails but better” shade. Awesome! Peaches n°80 – the more orangey shade – is perfect for summer!

Beauty Essentials: The Face

Claudia Beauty Essentials Quad Eyeshadow Blush Hot Sand Anverelle Review

Hot Sand n°12 – € 29,50

Blush: This blush is really an all-rounder. I really like the warmth of the colour and I use it as a blush, bronzer and eyeshadow. As a blush and bronzer this gives a bronzed look; as an eyeshadow it’s perfect as transition or shaping/shading colour. n°12 Hot Sand is a strongly pigmented and finely milled powder, mixed with Hyaluronic acid to keep the moisture locked in your skin. Which is good, because every kind of hydration I can get is most welcome!

Beauty Essentials: The Lips

laudia Beauty Essentials Cream Lipsticks Anverelle Review

(Invisible) Liner – € 10,95

Claudia Beauty Essentials Cream Lipsticks Anverelle Review

Cream Lipstick – € 17,95

Invisible Lip Liner: It was the first time that I’ve ever used an invisible lip liner, so it was definitely an experience. Personally I didn’t notice a huge difference in terms of lipstick bleeding into the fine lines of my lips. The good thing is that there’s Jojoba oil and vitamin E in it, so I might use it as a primer instead of a lipliner.

Lip Liner: I love to use this lipliner (in the shade n°10 Praline) as a separate lip colour! It’s also the perfect combo with the n°132 Nude Cream Lipstick. It’s creamy, just like the lipsticks that come with this Beauty Essentials set.

Available shades: n°10 Praline

Cream Lipstick: A girl can never have enough lipsticks so I was happy to add six new shades to my collection. The cream lipsticks are – you guessed it – creamy and have a gel-like application to them. They glide on super nicely and have a slightly glossy finish. Re-application is needed after a meal and they fade from the inside out so you need to keep an eye out for that “lipliner only” effect. But to be honest, I haven’t encountered a lot of lipsticks that fade nicely, so personally this isn’t a negative thing for me. My favourites in this line are the red and berry one (n°300 Poppy Land and n°420 Candy Cane).

Available shades: n°132 Nude, n°180 Peach Club, n°232 Clementine, n°300 Poppy Land, n°420 Candy Cane & n°401 Layer Cake

Claudia Beauty Essentials Lip Gloss Anverelle Review

Lip Gloss: These lip glosses are so light weight that you can barely feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips! There’s Hyaluronic Filling Spheres to keep your lips hydrated and there’s nothing in the world that I’d want more than hydrated lips. They seem to be dry the whole year through, so anything that’s hydrating I welcome with open arms! This lip gloss has three shades and only the most pinkest shade is not my cup of tea. It’s a true Barbie colour and it’s just not my thing. But the red one is one of my favourites and now has a standard place in my stewardess make-up bag that I carry on board!

Available shades: n°54 Kiss me, n°75 Be Mine, n°88 Lollipop

What do you think of the newest ARTDECO Claudia Schiffer Beauty Essentials collection? Did you spot any products you’d like to try out?

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      Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment. I’m not sure from which country you’re trying to buy it – but have you tried the Art Deco website itself? I see it’s currently out of stock, but you can sign up to get a notification when it’s back!

  • Reply Louise 11 juli 2018 at 10:36

    Oh my, in love met die lipsticks ♥ Leuke post Tessa!

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