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CityMarble with Case Company

30 mei 2017
CityMarble 2 Casecompany Anverelle Review

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Take your favourite place with you – always.

We all have our favourite places. The town you were born, that perfect vacation or that little restaurant where you fell in love… In short, a place forever treasured in your mind and heart.

When I got asked if I wanted to promote this new concept and CityMarble tool on the Case Company website, I didn’t need to think twice. I love to personalise things and I can be a real sucker for things I hold close to my heart. If you’re just like me, you’ll love it! Ready to dive into my little CityMarble story? ;)

CityMarble 3 Casecompany Anverelle Review

My CityMarble Story: London

With CityMarble you can personalise your smartphone cover with a street plan of your favourite place. For me, that’s 100% London.

I’ve always had a great fondness for London and the time I’ve spent there has only made my love for it grow bigger. Thanks to my Erasmus last year, one of my dreams had come true: live in London – at least once in my life. That’s some bucketlist material right there!

I’ve lived for four lovely months in Shoreditch, right outside the city centre. Every free time I had, I spent in the city. I visited numerous landmarks and monuments and I even indulged in a few tourist attractions ;) If there’s one landmark I’d have to pick that touched my heart the most, I wouldn’t be able to choose…

But if there’s one thing that has definitely made an impact in my life and education, it’s theatre. Most of you wouldn’t know, but I graduated in “ Woordkunst Drama” (so theatre!) in my secondary education. I basically grew up with words, scripts, dance, songs and stage lights. For me, the heart of theatre lies at Shakespeare’s Globe. I visited it once and was immediately sold – my Romeo & Juliet loving heart couldn’t take any more of the excitement I felt then. And although I’m now doing completely other things in my life, I can still really enjoy a play or an opera. And that’s why I chose London as my CityMarble case, with a heart emoji pointing at Shakespeare’s Globe :)

CityMarble 4 Casecompany Anverelle Review

CityMarble Tool on

In the CityMarble tool you have 6 filters you can choose from. Each have their own characteristics and you’ll have to find out yourself which one you love the most – it’s hard to choose! I’ve picked “Midnight“, a monochrome black and white filter.

But you’ll start with the street plan! First of all, you enter a location. The tool will zoom in until it’s reached your requested location. Then you can zoom in or out and go left or right, so you can get it picture perfect and just the way you want it!

At the end, you can add emojis and text to special places on your case. You have a wide variety you can choose from, so go check it out on the website if you’re curious!

CaseCompany will officially launch the tool next week – exciting times!

CityMarble Casecompany Anverelle Review

What do you think of my CityMarble case and the story behind it?

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    Hallo Anverelle, leuke blogpost?? Kan je deze ook voor de iPad laten personaliseren?

    • Reply Anverelle 1 juni 2017 at 13:50

      Hi Sabine, dankjewel voor je comment! Je kan ook zeker je iPad laten personaliseren.

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