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Cîme ▸ Beautifying Dry Oil & Himalaya Balm

23 juni 2018
Cîme Beautifying Dry Oil and Himalaya Balm #preflightbeauty Anverelle Review

If you’ve been following me, you know I’m no stranger to Cîme – the natural, biologic, fair-trade and animal friendly brand from Belgium. I’ve already reviewed the Green Tea Therapy Bodylotion for you, so now it’s time to dig further into their interesting products!

Today I’ve got two items to introduce to you: the Beautifying Dry Oil and the Himalaya Balm. Both of these items are great multi-taskers, I’ll explain to you why in a minute:

This Cîme review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

#Preflightbeauty with Cîme

But first, something brand new! A lot of you are so curious with my not-so-everyday job and ask for beauty tips or my favourites involving my job as a flight attendant. That’s why I’ve started a new category on anverelle.com and a new hashtag on my Instagram page: #preflightbeauty!

So next time you’re typing in #preflightbeauty on the blog or on Instagram, you should find my recommendations for everything involving my favourite (quick!) make-up, skincare and other handy products I use before, during and after duty time ;-)

And I’m kicking off this new category with a review on Cîme’s Beautifying Dry Oil and the Himalaya Balm – both of these are present in my bathroom and in my “flight attendant bag”!

I’m starting with this beautiful dry oil spray. Not only is the bottle a gorgeous item to place on your vanity table, it’s also a great multi-tasker! The wings in the picture are not included in the Beautifying Dry Oil by the way, I’ve put my aviation wings on top of the bottle to match the whole #preflightbeauty theme! ;-)

Beautifying Dry Oil

Cîme Beautifying Dry Oil and Himalaya Balm #Preflightbeauty Anverelle Review 1

Cîme Beautifying Dry Oil – € 24,50

First of all, you can use this dry oil in multiple ways. It’s good for your skin, hair and nails – and that’s why I keep a mini sample of it in my bag. It’s perfect to hydrate my skin with, revive split ends of my hair and keep my cuticles soft.

There are many more benefits though, just to list a few more: Use it as a hair mask and rinse it out in the shower, mix it with your day cream for extra hydration, relieve dry hands and feet, put a few drops in your bath, or spray it on your sun kissed skin to keep your tan a little while longer. The options are almost endless!

What makes this dry oil so nice, is the special blend of six biological oils: rosehip, sea buckthorn, sesame, apricot kernel, dhatelo and carrot extract. That’s a lot of good things in one single bottle – whew! The first thing you’ll notice when you put on the Cîme dry oil, is the scent. I think it’s the rosehip and carrot that comes peeking through the most. It smells fresh, a little bit sweet and yet “warm’, if that makes sense? The oil is also quickly absorbed into the skin – no waiting for this stuff to dry! And that’s why I really like dry oil above a regular body cream: it’s a bigger multitasker and doesn’t take ages to dry. Also, because of the carrot extract your skin has a luminous and slightly tanned appearance so that a plus!

I use it for:

I mostly use the Cîme Beautifying Dry Oil to hydrate my skin. Before a flight I quickly put some on my arms and legs because the airconditioning is extremely drying! When I have time, I even dare to apply some in-flight; the scent is subtle enough not to off-set any passengers (nothing worse than walking past someone and practically choking in their perfume/after-shave/bodylotion, ugh) and meanwhile I’ve got a pretty glow going on ;) I also use the oil to nourish the ends of my hair. Again, the airconditioning and putting my hair in a tight bun every single day turns it into straw each evening. I try to keep it healthy and wash it with nourishing shampoo and conditioner, but a little extra every few days won’t hurt!

The Himalaya Balm

Cîme Beautifying Dry Oil and Himalaya Balm #Preflightbeauty Anverelle Review

Cîme Himalaya Balm – € 15,50

Next up is the Himalaya Balm. This item is part of my little first aid bag while on duty. Actually, we’re not allowed to give any medication or stuff from our own (in case a passenger is allergic to it without knowing) so I only use this for myself.

Just like the dry oil it has quite a few oils to relieve several woes: ginger, palmarosa, Himalayan juniper, Rhododendron anthopogon, wintergreen, cornmint and chamomile – with some Chiuri butter! A whole lot of ingredients that have regenerating, anti-inflammatory, clearing and calming properties. So what can you use it for?

Well, the back of the box says insect bites, sunburn, clogged nose, muscle aches, migraines, bruises and cracked skin. Multi functional, y’all! The only time when you can’t use the Cîme universal balm is when you’re pregnant and/or breast-feeding. I’m not sure why exactly, but it’s best to follow up on orders :-)

The mint and Chiuri butter are the two ingredients that are most noticeable for me in terms of scent. Mint is always nice! I think it’s a relaxing scent. So just putting on the Himalaya Balm is soothing to me :-)

I use it for:

When I’m stressed or hormonal – aka that time of the month – I can get serious headaches or migraines. While I haven’t tested it completely without taking medication, I do believe it relieves my migraines a bit before the meds start to kick in. If I have just a little headache, it helps to get rid of it. In both cases I put some balm on my temples and above my eye brows. Also, I can hardly seem to survive a flight without bumping into something! So every once in a while I spot a bruise that I have no idea where it came from… Just put on some Cîme Himalaya balm and the bruise goes away quicker.

I don’t have to tell you that this Himalaya Balm is just good for flight attendants. It’s a wonderful universal balm that will serve you well both at home or if you’re travelling! Just think about stiff muscles from sitting in the airplane to your destination, or a minor sunburn you picked up on the first day of your vacay, an itchy and nagging mosquito bite, … It’s truly a balm you can throw in your bag and it will solve a lot of these little problems. A true recommendation!

So that concludes the first #preflightbeauty review! What do you think, let me know in the comments or on Instagram.
Stay up to date for more #preflightbeauty soon!

Cîme Beautifying Dry Oil and Himalaya Balm #preflightbeauty Anverelle Review 2

You can find these products on the Cîme webshop or in a natural store.

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