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Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette

3 maart 2017

“Ready in five!”

Does doing your make-up in five minutes sound like a dream far far away? Trust me, this girl right here (Hello, it’s me!) has often scurried out the door because I spent too much time in the make-up room.

Enter the Instant Look in a Palette!

Because who wants to spend so much time on a little bit of make-up, while you could use that extra time to:
a. have a decent breakfast
b. hop in the shower
c. or better yet, stay in bed just a little bit longer

Charlotte Tilbury has two limited edition Instant Look in a Palette(s): Natural Beauty and Seductive Beauty. I’ve bought both palettes to see if you can really get some bang for your buck – and win back precious snooze minutes!

The Instant Look Palette: Easy Peasy

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette 5 minute Look Anverelle Review Natural Beauty Seductive Beauty

The Instant Look Palette includes three eyeshadows, two blushes and a contour & highlighter. The goal of this palette is that you can get ready in 5 minutes – a dream come true, right? Let’s see what these two beauties are about! Let’s start with the eyeshadows. We have three pans:

Eye Brighten: A youthful brightening and colour correcting eye shadow to prime the surface of the eyelid for an all-day application.

Eye Enhance: Adds a dreamy dimension to the eye lid that illuminates the eyelid.

Eye Smoke: Brings definition the eyes and is perfect to create a smokey eye.

When I discovered the amazing Filmstar Bronze and Glow contour and highlighter would be in the Instant Look Palette, I was completely sold. The Filmstar is already worth £49 (€65), which is the FULL PRICE of the Instant Look palette (!)

Face Bronzer: To define the cheekbone hollows, jawline and nose shape in an all-natural, all skin tone bronze colour.

Face Highlighter: Candlelight for the skin to be applied to the outer C-section of the cheekbones, down the nose, on the bow of the lips and inner corners of the eyes.

And lastly, we have the two blushes. The purpose is to apply the Cheek Swish first and then the Cheek Pop on the apple of your cheeks for – you guessed it – that extra pop!

Cheek Swish: For a healthy, happy glow to be applied on the cheeks and blended out.

Cheek Pop: For a natural lit-from-within glow to be applied to the apple of the cheeks.

Natural Beauty And Seductive Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette 5 minute Look Anverelle Review Natural Beauty Seductive Beauty

Left: Natural Beauty // Right: Seductive Beauty

There are two palettes: Natural Beauty and Seductive Beauty. In Charlotte Tilbury’s store they also call it the “Day” and “Night” palettes because Natural Beauty is perfect for the day, while Seductive Beauty is a real stunner for the evening. The palettes differ a bit from each other, so let’s zoom in on the palettes to discover the differences:

Natural Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette 5 minute Look Anverelle Review Natural Beauty

As the name already hints at, this is a very natural and day appropriate look. The colours are quite subtle, especially on fair skin like mine. My favourite out of the three is the enhance colour. It’s a subtle champagne colour and certainly not too glittery. It makes my eyes sparkle and that’s exactly what we’re going for: enhancing the natural beauty you already have in you! ;)

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette 5 minute Look Anverelle Review Natural Beauty 2

Instant Look in a palette: Natural Beauty in 5 minutes

Here’s the make-up look with the Natural Beauty palette. As mentioned above, this is a very day appropriate look: subtle, yet glowing! It’s the perfect #iwokeuplikethis ;) I love the two blushes. They suit me very well and I think the combination of a regular cheek colour together with a “pop” colour is genius. I do have to say that the colours look more vibrant in real life; sometimes it’s hard to catch everything on camera! ;)

Seductive Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette 5 minute Look Anverelle Review Seductive Beauty

Seductive Beauty features darker eyeshadow colours and more intense blushes and contour + highlight. The store assistant told me that the Seductive Beauty looks great on fair and dark skin, but do beware of the contour colour if you’re more on the fair side. For some the contour colour could turn out too warm. So if you order online you might have to guess which one will suit you best. My favourite eyeshadow out of the three is the smoke colour. It’s a beautiful deep brown with just the right amount of shimmer!

Just like the Natural Beauty palette, the colours are more vibrant in real life than on the picture.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette 5 minute Look Anverelle Review Seductive Beauty 2

Instant Look in a palette: Seductive Beauty in 5 minutes

Also, let’s talk prices for a second. Will you get some bang for your buck by getting a palette instead of getting everything separately? Because the reason you’d get a palette is because it’s cheaper. Right?

The price of an Instant Look palette is £49 (€65). Based on estimates and same amount of product in grams (for example, a normal sized blush is 8 grams – we get 4 grams so I divided the price in half) you would roughly pay £100 (€120) for the Instant Look if you would buy everything separately. In the end you’re paying almost half for the same amount of products! Talk about a deal right there, especially if you’d like to try some CT products or if you’re just in love with everything but it would cost you an arm and a leg to get everything you’d want – like me! ;) That stuff is expensive!

Natural Beauty or Seductive Beauty?

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette 5 minute Look Anverelle Review Natural Beauty Seductive Beauty 3

Of course £49 (or €69) is a lot to shell out for the Instant Look Palette, especially if you buy both of them like I did (#doitfortheblog has become my mantra whenever I enter a make-up store, lol!) So if you’re just going for one palette, it really depends on what you already have and what you’re looking for:

If you’ve just started to carefully dip your toes in make-up or enjoy the no-make-up-look, I’d recommend the Natural Beauty. It’s a gorgeous palette that will brighten your face and honestly it’s an amazing palette to have if you’re travelling and don’t want to bring multiple things with you just to achieve a glowing face.

If you already have tons and tons of #nomakeuplook stuff laying around, the Seductive Beauty is the palette for you. For a more natural look you can use the first two eyeshadows – if you want to go darker you can use the last two eyeshadows. The blush and contour + highlight is more intense, but nothing a light hand can’t do. You can always decide how intense you want to go with this palette. The glow will certainly not be anything less!

Whichever Instant Look palette you choose, your make-up could be done in roughly five freakin’ minutes. Hooray for extra time in the morning!

Both palettes are available online and in-store (I’ve bought mine in Covent Garden, London).

Would you go for the Natural or Seductive Beauty? Do you think the Instant Look Palette is a must?

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  • Reply Thien Loi 11 juni 2017 at 05:53

    may i ask you which lipstick did you use?

    • Reply Anverelle 12 juni 2017 at 09:07

      Hi, thank you for your comment! The lipstick I’ve used is Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk, it’s the lipstick in the pictures :-)

  • Reply peggy timmermans 2 april 2017 at 15:16

    Wat een prachtig merk is het toch! Ook deze weer, schot in de roos!

  • Reply A Fashion Taste 6 maart 2017 at 13:28

    Ziet er echt goed uit en dat allemaal op 5 min ;)

  • Reply About Joyce 6 maart 2017 at 11:06

    Wauw wat een mooi en handig palet! Staat je heel mooi! :D

  • Reply epiphani 5 maart 2017 at 20:37

    wat een goed beautypalet! superhandig en heel mooi!

  • Reply Natalie 5 maart 2017 at 13:12

    Twee mooie allround paletjes! Ik heb helaas nog zelfs niets van dit merk!

  • Reply The Fashion Mom 3 maart 2017 at 18:07

    Wauw mooie paletten! Ik zou voor de natural gaan, ik denk ook dat die het best bij mij past. Erg handig dat er op staat voor wat je het moet gebruiken :)

    • Reply Anverelle 4 maart 2017 at 15:56

      Vind de Natural ook een heel mooi palette. Heel subtiel en soms willen we gewoon een gezonde glow ipv een full face met eyeliner enzovoort… Niet? :D

  • Reply sophia 3 maart 2017 at 17:43

    Wauw wat handig!

    • Reply Anverelle 4 maart 2017 at 15:55

      Heel fijn om mee te nemen op reis! :)

  • Reply Karen 3 maart 2017 at 17:32

    Wat zijn deze paletten mooi al ben ik momenteel meer fan van alles apart. Zo kan je voor elk product het best merk uitkiezen!

    • Reply Anverelle 4 maart 2017 at 15:54

      Als je natuurlijk meerdere favorieten hebt is het inderdaad leuk om deze allemaal te gebruiken in de plaats van één palette! :)

  • Reply Sabine 3 maart 2017 at 17:30

    Ik heb het donkerste palette gekocht van Charlotte Tilbury en ben er helemaal weg van. Het is heel compact om mee te nemen op reis en de kleuren zijn prachtig. Ik moet toegeven dat ik het bijna altijd gebruik, althans de blush, highlighter en contour. Top! Leuk artikel!

    • Reply Anverelle 4 maart 2017 at 15:52

      Héél handig op reis! Bedankt voor je comment! :)

  • Reply Eveline 3 maart 2017 at 16:28

    Ohh ik wil die !!! Echt super mooi.

    • Reply Anverelle 3 maart 2017 at 17:31

      Ik kan alvast niet kiezen tussen de twee! :D

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