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    Work Hard, Play Hard: Workout Playlist

    24 juni 2015
    My Workout Playlist

    You’ve got your running shoes on, your bottle is filled with water and you’re wearing your favourite workout leggings. You’re ready to hit the gym and… you forgot your music. Have you ever had that feeling? I know I have! I once forgot my earbuds, so I was left to work out without my music and it was terrible. I was unmotivated and reluctant to go on the treadmill, warm up and do my routine.

    For me it’s pretty clear I need my music to get me motivated and keep me going when I want to go slower. Curious what’s on my playlist? Let’s take a look!

    Work Hard, Play Hard: Workout Playlist

    Let me tell you, this playlist is not for everyone. There are explicit songs in here, so if you’re a fan on clean versions this might not be the playlist for you. But you’re very welcome to share your own favourite workout songs below!

    I usually listen to a workout playlist that’s on my phone, or I use Spotify! It’s just really easy to compile your own playlist or if you’re not sure what songs to listen to, you can always look up one of their playlists that are fit for every type of workout. Please mind that this is not an advertorial for Spotify: I’m just really happy with this streaming service. Getting their Premium package is a plus, but you can listen and compile playlists with their free version too (which I use!)

    A fan of running? Spotify can help! They have a tab on their app where you can start running and the tempo of the music will follow you. So if you’re going slower, the app will choose a song with slower BPM (beats per minute). Going faster? You will hear more up-tempo music. You can also pick the music style, so even if you’re an R&B fan or love bubbly pop music, it will find something suited to your tempo.

    All of the songs in my playlist are up-tempo, so I can keep a good pace and stay motivated. I almost don’t listen to the lyrics anymore, just the beats. I’m just too busy counting or concentrating on doing the exercise right! But if you’re lucky, you can hear me sing some lines from my favourite songs when I can catch my breath ;)

    So here’s my personal workout playlist and I hope you enjoy!

    Don’t forget to add your own favourite workout songs below in the comments! ;)

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