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  • Polette Eyewear Review Anverelle
    Fashion Lifestyle Review

    Polette Eyewear Review

    The first thing I do in the morning – even before checking my phone – is putting on my glasses. I’ve been wearing glasses since 6th grade and although I mostly wear contact lenses…

    10 augustus 2016
  • Instagram Stories My View Anverelle

    Instagram Stories: My View

    Since the beginning of August I noticed I had the newest update of Instagram on my Ipad. From now on, you can share short videos and photos as “Instagram Stories”, without permanently showing in your…

    4 augustus 2016
  • Liebster Award Anverelle

    Nominated for the Liebster Award!

    The Liebster Award is a virtual blog award to get to know bloggers that are just starting out, by answering some questions about yourself or your blog. I was nominated by the lovely Naomi from BeautySpot!…

    27 juli 2016
  • Instagram Photos #51 Anverelle

    Instagram Photos #51

    It’s been ages since I uploaded an Instagram Photos post on! For the last 4 months I was doing an internship in London and being in this beautiful and exciting city there was…

    19 juni 2016
  • Instagram Photos #50 Anverelle

    Instagram Photos #50

    It’s time for a new Instagram Photos post and it’s a long one this time! ;-) For the last two weeks I’ve got to experience Spring (finally!), some yummy treats at Balthazar and Bloggers…

    10 april 2016
  • Instagram Photos #49 Anverelle

    Instagram Photos #49

    Confirmed: time flies when you’re having fun! I’m a little over a month in London now and the weeks are seriously flying by so fast I’m trying to keep up with discovering this city…

    14 maart 2016
  • Instagram Photos #48

    Instagram Photos #48

    We’re already finding ourselves in the middle of February, wow! For the last two weeks I had a delicious brunch in Antwerp, moved to London and had my first blogger event. I also discovered…

    15 februari 2016
  • Instagram

    Instagram Photos #47

    Time is flying right by. It’s time again for another Instagram Photos post! The last two weeks have been all about beauty, getting my Fitbit back (yesss!) and the first wishlist of the year!…

    1 februari 2016
  • Instagram Photos #46

    Instagram Photos #46

    Well, here we are! The first two weeks of January have passed! How is everyone doing? I’ve been superbusy with juggling classes, workouts and searching for an international internship. It’s still a bit chaotic…

    18 januari 2016
  • Anverelle Instagram Photos week #45

    Instagram Photos #45

    Hi guys! Boy, it has been a busy two weeks. We’ve had Christmas and Newyears Eve and tons of fun! Not a lot of Instagram Photos this time, because I was so busy planning…

    3 januari 2016
  • Anverelle in 2015

    Anverelle in 2015

    I can’t believe 2015 is almost over! It’s time to reflect on what this year has brought for Anverelle. Let me start off with thanking each and every one of you! Because readers are the…

    31 december 2015