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    Organic Coconut Love ▸ Urtekram

    23 november 2017
    Urtekram Organic Coconut range Anverelle Review Header

    A little while ago I got introduced to Urtekram via my mailbox. There’s nothing more fun than testing out new products – especially when they’re organic. It’s always nice to know these brands won’t harm the environment as much as others. I’ve definitely been more aware this year on what I use. Furthermore, I’ve noticed natural or organic brands are pleasant to use and they do good for my hair and body. So I’m always up to try new things, like Urtekram! :-) I received both hair and body care, so let’s see how it went.

    This Urtekram product review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

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