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20 januari 2018
Lasting Finish Breathable foundation #100 Ivory concealer #300 Medium Review Anverelle 3

Today I’m reviewing one of Rimmel’s latest foundations, the Lasting Finish Breathable foundation. Foundation is where it all starts with make-up, so we can safely say it’s the base of your look. So it’s not wonder I’m always looking to improve my everyday foundation, and if it promises to stay on for 25 hours, well… ;-)

This is what Rimmel says on their new product:

Rimmel’s most lightweight,  long-wearing foundation for a flawless finish. Withstands touch, moisture and humidity from day to night.”

Sounds very promising! Like I said I’m always on the look out for the perfect everyday foundation and I have to say, the Lasting Finish Breathable foundation is very close… Read more to discover my thoughts!

This Rimmel London product review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. All opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Lasting Finish Breathable foundation #100 Ivory Review Anverelle 2

Lasting Finish Breathable foundation #100 Ivory // € 15,49

Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation

First of all, there are four colours of the Breathable foundation line available in Belgium: #100 Ivory, #200 Soft Beige, #300 Sand and #400 Natural Beige. I own the #100 and #200 shade – respectively my winter and summer shade. I was sent the #200 first, but after a while it got too warm for my skintone so I went to the store and bought the #100 myself so the breathable foundation matches my skin during the winter.

It looks like a normal foundation on the outside but when you open the bottle, the first thing you see is the remarkable applicator. It’s a cushioned doe-foot, which I personally love. It’s such a handy tool to apply your foundation with. There is no need to smudge the back of your hand, nor a palette – although the most hygienic way remains a clean metal palette of course!

Lasting Finish Breathable foundation #100 Ivory Review Anverelle 4

The foundation gives a gorgeous finish with a light to medium coverage. It’s easy buildable for those days when you have a little bit more to hide ;-) As Rimmel promises, it’s a light weight and breathable foundation. Trust me, you’ll forget you’re wearing anything on your face! It withstands touch, moisture and humidity and while I can’t vouch for the humidity (I should bring this foundation to my March getaway in Bali! #rainseason) I can absolutely vouch for the moisture part. I can assure you it can withstand the help-i’m-running-late! sprint ; except for some flushed cheeks my foundation had stayed on perfectly. I might have been running quite late that day, but my make-up didn’t leave me looking like a hot mess. WINNER!

As far as the 25 hour promise; I’m not going to keep foundation on my face for 25 freakin’ hours but if it lasts my entire day – which it definitely does – I’m a happy girl. The foundation stays put, even though my oily t-zone does need some serious powdering every once in a while.

And to top it all off, the Lasting Finish Breathable foundation has an SPF 20 (always a huge plus!) and three vitamins in it. A little push from the building blocks of our cells (vitamin A) and some antioxidants (vitamin C and E) can never hurt, right?

A Breath of Fresh Air

I’m really liking all of this. As you can see on the photo’s, the breathable foundation makes my skin glow and it looks beautifully both in real life as in pictures.

If you’d like to see more pictures of the foundation in action, I’m also wearing it in this post and this one.

Lasting Finish Breathable foundation #100 Ivory Review Anverelle

Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer #300 Medium // € 8,99

Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer

The concealer is equally great. Just like the foundation it comes in four shades, yet these are not exactly the same colour as the foundation. For example, the #100 Fair (concealer) is lighter than the #100 Ivory (foundation). I’m assuming Rimmel is not just aiming for some coverage but also brightening the under eye by using a lighter shade. And yet, I’m wearing the concealer in the #300 Medium shade (the one they’ve sent me), so you’re not restricted to stay within the same number! The concealer is available is the following shades: #100 Fair, #200 Light, #300 Medium and #400 Medium Dark.

Lasting Finish Breathable foundation #100 Ivory Review Anverelle 5

The applicator is a sponge so it’s still cushion-like but it’s harder than a Beautyblender, for example. You can use the applicator to apply and blend your concealer with, but I don’t personally use it that way. I apply the concealer with the applicator and then take my Beautyblender for a flawless blend with my foundation.

The breathable concealer is medium coverage. It keeps my dark circles (or rather the purple from my veins peeking through my skin) concealed and smooth. Creamy to apply!

Together, the breathable foundation and concealer are the perfect partners in crime. It’s a combination you can count on – even when you’re running to catch your train ;-)

What do you think of the Lasting Finish Breathable foundation? Let me know in the comments or on  Instagram.

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  • Reply sophia 17 februari 2018 at 19:35

    Wat een super mooie foundation! Geeft je een mooi bruin kleurtje zonder dat het onnatuurlijk wordt!
    Fijne blog weer! Ik nomineerde je trouwens voor de Sunshine Blogger Award (

    • Reply Anverelle 17 februari 2018 at 19:45

      Hi Sophia, bedankt voor je comment en de nominatie! <3 Ik werd ook al genomineerd door Ilse dus nu zal ik zeker werk moeten maken van de blogpost! :-) Ik gebruik de foundation nog elke dag, het is tot nu toe nog steeds mijn favoriet ^^

  • Reply Joyce 8 februari 2018 at 13:25

    De foundations van Rimmel blijven steeds mijn favoriet! Ik heb deze nog niet uitgetest, maar na het lezen van jouw review ga ik het zeker doen ☺️

    • Reply Anverelle 16 februari 2018 at 11:18

      Hi Joyce, bedankt voor je reactie! :-) Hopelijk ben je, net als je andere Rimmel favorieten, van deze ook tevreden! Ik gebruik hem nog steeds elke dag.

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