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Bobbi x Balthazar

5 april 2016

When beauty and food join their forces, it’s bound to be something special. That’s exactly what Bobbi Brown had in mind for their 25th anniversary, when they teamed up with Balthazar.

It’s the ultimate beauty-inspired treat: an afternoon tea, completely in the style of Bobbi’s iconic makeup products!
And when you’ve had your sweet treat, you can get yourself an Instant Lip Makeup Lesson at the Bobbi Brown studio in Covent Garden London. There you’ll find a very exclusive new lipcolour: Vintage Red. This lipstick is based on the red leather booths at Balthazar, a.k.a the most beautiful red you’ve ever seen!

Being a huge Bobbi Brown fan, I absolutely had to experience this collaboration for myself.
So I went to Covent Garden for an Afternoon Tea filled with all things beauty:

Bobbi Brown x Balthazar

We find ourselves at Bobbi’s favourite downtown hotspot in London: Balthazar!

Bobbi Brown x Balthazar London Anverelle

Serving fresh mint tea while we wait for our sweet treats.

Bobbi Brown x Balthazar London Anverelle

We started off with the scones and the selection of sandwiches and kept the best for last! The scones were served with Devonshire clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam. De-li-cious!

Bobbi Brown x Balthazar London Anverelle

Balthazar ‘Vintage Red’ kiss, Praline & Mango-Passion ‘Foundation Stick’, Champagne Infused Rhubarb ‘Shimmer Brick’, Redcurrant ‘Pot Rouge’ Macaroon with Lemon Chantilly and Chocolate and Blackberry ‘Gel Eyeliner’ Sachertorte.


Bobbi Brown x Balthazar London Anverelle Vintage Red

Vintage Red, inspired by the red leather booths at Balthazar.

After you’ve had your sweet treat at Balthazar, you’re invited to a complimentary Instant Lip Makeup Lesson at the Bobbi Brown Studio in Covent Garden.

There you can find the exclusive new lip colour that was created to celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversaryVintage Red.

The colour is inspired on the alluring red leather booths at Balthazar and is a very “Hollywood” red.

When you put it on, it has the slightest hint of orange in it, differentiating it from the other reds you can find in the permanent lip collection.

As you might imagine, the Vintage Red was a huge succes and sadly sold out quite quickly! It is no longer available online or in store.

Luckily, the sweet ladies at the studio could recommend me a similar shade for those who would love to own a beautiful red lipstick by Bobbi Brown: “Red“. It’s a classic red and apart from the orange hint you can find in Vintage Red, it’s the same beautiful red hue.

Vintage Red by Bobbi Brown – £20 – 3.4 g


Bobbi Brown x Balthazar London Anverelle Vintage Red

“Vintage Red” lipstick and “Red” lipliner on my lips, at the Bobbi Brown Covent Garden Studio.

This is how it looks on my lips:

The packaging of the lipstick itself is the same as all the others, but it’s the outside packaging that shows the logo of both Bobbi and Balthazar, showing off their fascinating collaboration together.

It’s a pity it was already sold out because I really liked the lip colour!

I also really liked this collaboration. It was a magnificent collaboration with a very interesting twist. You don’t get to pair beauty and food together often, especially in such a unique way.

The treats were really enjoyable, not only being a pleasure to the eye but also the flavours and how they thought out the desserts was clever and tasty.

If you find yourself in London, I would definitely recommend doing this with your beauty loving friends!

The Bobbi x Balthazar Afternoon Tea is available until 29th September 2016.

Have you every had a unique experience with beauty and food? What do you think of the exclusive lip colour?

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