Blue Friday

30 augustus 2014

DSC0192 Anverelle web-0379

Blue Friday – visiting MAS

It was a lovely day in Antwerp yesterday – no rain, hooray ! – and I decided to take my mom to the MAS, since she hasn’t been able to see the amazing panorama on the rooftop yet. In the meantime, we took some photos of my outfit. I’m happy to say that I got a package on Thursday, so these photos will feature my brand new New Balance running shoes! Who actually goes running in them anyways? Seems like these days everyone is walking around in sports shoes. Not that I blame them; it’s not like doing things in high heels all day is such fun, is it? So this is what I wore on Friday.

DSC0192 Anverelle web-0538What I’m wearing:

Primark Initials Necklace
& Other Stories Blouse
& Other Stories Zip Skirt
New Balance U420 Bordeaux
Michael Kors Envelope Clutch

DSC0192 Anverelle web-0388And these are my newly acquired New Balance shoes! I ordered them in a size 37, since I was told they run small and I was very glad I did! They do fit a bit snug, so make sure that if you’re ordering these online, you choose one size bigger. I walked by the New Paris Londres shop yesterday in Antwerp (the one where they sell the more sporty footwear) and they also sell them! If only I had known…

DSC0192 Anverelle web-0528So I did a bit of a testrun on these while biking and walking to the MAS and they simply are a dream to walk in. Comfortable! The colours are also what I expected them to be; so I’m a happy girl!

DSC0192 Anverelle web-0465DSC0192 Anverelle web-0431 There was also an extra pair of cream-coloured shoelaces included in the box: what a pleasant suprise!

DSC0192 Anverelle web-0458I’m one of those people who like their initials. And I certainly love them on my jewelry! I stumbled on this necklace upon my last visit to Primark in London. I also found earrings with the letter “T” and instantly fell in love with them! They make a lovely personalised present, so when I’m going back to London I might get a few for some special friends.

DSC0192 Anverelle web-0536As my close friends will know, I’m quite the Michael Kors devotee. I especially love their Jet Set Collection. I just love how the saffiano leather feels like. It’s also easy to clean and virtually scratch-resistant. Here I’m carrying my envelope clutch. Truth be told this clutch won’t carry alot of stuff, but how much do you really need when going out? I’m a big-bag-kind-of-girl, but wearing a small sized bag can be refreshing sometimes. Also, it gives my shoulders a break from carrying heavy bags.

So this was Anverelle’s first outfitpost! I hope you enjoyed, and a special thanks to my mom for taking awesome pictures!

DSC0192 Anverelle web-0398

Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

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