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31 oktober 2014
Unboxing: Beauté et Vogue Box

Today I’m unboxing my first beautybox ever: The Beauté et Vogue Box! Curious what my first impression was?

I was introduced to the Beauté et Vogue Box via MissLipgloss, who wrote a review on the first Beautybox in September. My interest was sparked: a box full of beauty and fashion items – worth € 204,45-  for only € 69,95 ! I looked up Beauté et Vogue’s Facebookpage and discovered the next box, the “Autumbox“, would be available from October 22nd. I was really curious and ordered the box from the moment it was available to order.

The thing with this beautybox is that you always know what you’re going to get. It’s not like a suprise box: they hint at the items that will be in the box, but all its contents can be viewed on their site when the box is available.

You pay once for your beautybox. If you want the next box, you pay once again: there is no subscription. There are only 100 boxes available at a time, so you’ve got to be fast! As a result, you can’t order a previous box.

I ordered the Autumnbox October 23rd and I got it in the mail October 28th. Sadly, the shipping to Belgium wasn’t for free (it is for the Netherlands), but Beauté et Vogue was so kind to offer a discount on the shipping (maybe because I ordered two boxes?) which was quite nice!

Let’s see what’s in the box, shall we?

Beauté et Vogue Box - Unboxing nailpolishImpulss nail polish in three shades: Bordeaux, Passion Red, & Dark Purple (left to right) & glass nail file & Fogan Cosmetics nail polish

I found 4 different nail polishes in my box! I’m especially curious for the “Dark Purple”, as this is a very special shade: it has this purple-green-blue sparkle in it. I already own 3 shades of red in my nail polish stash, but I guess one extra won’t hurt… And it’s a small bottle, so I will probably save these for travelling. The nailpolish from FOGAN Cosmetics is a nude colour.

The glass nail file unfortunately comes a bit “late”, since I bought one very recently. Nevertheless, if I drop my new glass nail file, I will still have this one! Always a good idea to keep a spare around.

Beauté et Vogue Box - JuwelryRevival London earrings, leopard earrings and Eternity bracelet

These were the items I found the least interesting, since the jewels and their quality didn’t appeal to me. But not to worry, there will always be some items that you find less than others. Neat solution? Giving it away to someone who might like it!

Beauté et Vogue Box - Unboxing MascaraBurt’s Bees lipbalm, FOGAN Cosmetics lipstick & eyeliner, Dr. Hauschka Novum lipstick, Annemarie Börlind volume mascara

This lip balm has a delicious peppermint smell to it! The coconut and sunflower oil will soothe your chapped lips and the vitamins should improve your lips.

My first impression for this FOGAN lipstick was that it might be a too bright of pink for me, but when I put it on it looks quite allright! This is the 02 shade. I thought the eyeliner would be a nice addition to my eyeliners, but unfortunately I will only keep it because of the black liner that’s in it. I swept the brush quickly over my hand to swatch the thickness of the liner and oh my… The brush is not at all soft, it feels like you’re pulling something sharp on your skin. Not something I’d want on my eyelids (Your eyelids are only 2mm thick!)… If I can manage to stick my other eyelinerbrush in it, I will keep it.

I swatched the Dr. Hauschka on my hand and it’s just not the right colour for me. I will consider gifting it, as I already mentioned not everything in the box will suit you.

The benefit of a beautybox? You always get to discover new products and labels! I’ve never heard of “Annemarie Börlind”, but I’m happy to try! It’s a bio-label, so it produces make-up with natural ingredients. This means cruelty, paraben perfume and silicon free products! This box provides you with a long lasting volume mascara, containing jojoba and sesameoil. I’ve tried it out and it seems to work quite good!

Beauté et Vogue Box - Unboxing make-upSleek: i- Divine Au Natural Palette 601 & Bronze Block in “Light”

Ooh, I was so looking forward to this set! This i-Divine palette features neutral colours, with both matte and shimmery eyeshadows. I’m really glad I now own some matte eyeshadow, so I hope this palette won’t disappoint me. A quick swatch learns me that the colours are quite pigmented, but I’m very curious how these eyeshadows will turn out on my oily lids. I’ll make sure to test this palette in detail and I’ll come back to you with a nice review!

I’m soo delighted that the Bronze Block is in the “Light” colour! It has a sweet looking pink blush and 3 shades of bronzer in it, which I think will be perfect for switching up between seasons. Together with the Au Natural Palette, I’m the most excited to try out these items in my Beautybox!

Beauté et Vogue Box - Unboxing couponsCoupons and samples from Dutch Glories, Annemarie Börlind, RITZO Cosmetics, MUDD and Dr. Hauschka & KISS Haute Couture eyelashes

There are a few coupons in this Autumnbox:
* Dutch Glories Webshop: € 10
* Annemarie Börlind: 25% discount on your next purchase
* RITZO Cosmetics: €5 voucher when purchasing over €19

For my next beauty-treat I will make sure to sample the MUDD mask. It should last for 5 applications; so the cap is very useful and hygienic.

Also 2 samples from Dr. Hauschka with a revitalising mask and a hydrating hand cream. I personally love samples, because they just come in handy when travelling!

I’ve only tried wearing fake eyelashes once in my life and it worked like a charm. I myself was not so handy on putting the lashes on, so I hope this special applicator will help me with that!

Beauté et Vogue Box - Unboxing ritzoRITZO Cosmetics showerscrub, deodorant and styling mousse

Besides Sleek, I really looked forward to these items as well. The deodorant smells a-ma-zing: orangeflower, musk, jasmine and amber. Hmm! And just in time, because my other deodorant is finished! When I opened the box and saw the shower scrub cream, I instantly tried it on my hands. It feels like using a salt scrub and makes your hands feel very soft. Too bad the smell – the same as the deodorant – doesn’t last forever.

I don’t use a lot of volumeising products on my hair. I have thin hair and a lot of it, so I usually have a bit of volume going on without using products. But since the deodorant smells so good, I’m curious if the styling mousse delivers that same nice scent, together with some volume.

Beauté et Vogue Box first impression

I was really looking forward to the Sleek palette and the bronze block, together with the RITZO Cosmetics products. Sleek has a nice reputation of being a really good drugstore make-up brand, and I’ve heard a lot about it. The RITZO products just smelled really nice and I it was fun to be introduced to a new brand, so I was really pleased. I was quite disappointed with the FOGAN eyeliner, since the brush was as hard as a stick. Sadly I already own more or less the same shades of the nailpolish, but it’s always nice to have a back-up for travelling.

It will depend highly on the quality of the next products if I will repurchase a box from Beauté et Vogue. Guess I’ll just have to wait to discover what will be next.

The Autumbox costs € 59,95 and is € 174,50 worth.
Interested in the BeautyBox? You can order one here.

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