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Beach Beauty Essentials

11 april 2015
Beach Beauty Essentials

Hi guys! Last week I stayed at the Belgian coast and I was very happy to finally catch some sun! We had a few sunny days and I basically spent those staying on the beach all day long. On Instagram I already gave away what some of my favourite beach beauty essentials are.

Some people like to wear make-up to the beach and others would rather keep their face free from anything else besides sunscreen. Beauty wise, there are endless lists about the absolute must-haves to bring to a day at the beach.

Everyone has their personal beach beauty essentials and today I decided to share mine!

My Beach Beauty Essentials

Beach Beauty Essentials 2


Let’s start with the skincare. It’s very important to protect your skin if you’re going to bask in the sun all day! Sunscreen is key. A facial sunscreen will help you out just fine. If you want that little bit of extra coverage, you can opt for a BB-cream with SPF. Make sure the colour is not too light on your skin, but keep your (future) tan in mind too. I personally love my Bobbi Brown BB-Cream with SPF 35! What I love about it? It gives me a light coverage for a glowy skin and it has a pretty high SPF too! If there are any beach beauty essentials, it’s sunscreen and aftersun… Don’t forget to bring a bottle for your body and face.

But before I put any sunscreen or BB-cream on my face (or anything for that matter) I use a moisturiser. It’s my number one priority, always. Alternating between sun and wind, the weather at the Belgian coast was a little bit dehydrating for my face. But I didn’t notice a thing, because I had this! I recently got the Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel from MAC. I brought it with me on my trip to the sea and I must say it did a really good job! But more on that in another blogpost!

Talk about moisturising: a lipbalm with some SPF will help you keeping those lips smooth and protected. During the winter they sometimes get chapped and in the summer I get a red line around them if I don’t pay enough attention. It looks like a red lip liner, except it’s not. So you can imagine my Hydro Care with SPF 15 is pretty welcome during the summer!

And finally, sunglasses! They might be a fun accessory to play around with, but they definitely serve a higher purpose: your eyes! Your eyes are very important, so please wear UV-filtering sunglasses. Protective eyewear should be on your top beach beauty essentials list, together with a sunscreen!

Beach Beauty Essentials 3


I don’t go in the water that often so my beach beauty essentials don’t have to be necessarily waterproof. But if you like going into the water, I’d recommend looking for something that is water resistant. Make sure you have a waterproof remover at hand to remove your make-up with zero problems.

For that sexy sunkissed glow, I trust on my bronzer from Bobbi Brown. I use the colour Golden Light, which is the lightest one.

I can’t go without a hint of perfume and I just love my favourite perfume so much! If you can’t help putting on some perfume, be wary of the alcohol. Don’t spray it directly on your skin, but rather on your clothes. The alcohol on your skin can cause quite some irritation when exposed to the sun. If you really can’t go without a scent, look out for an alcohol-free body mist instead.

My eyebrows are kept neatly in place with Benefit’s Gimme Brow. This tinted brow gel is water-resistant, so it’s ideal to wear on the beach!

Further, I don’t wear eyeshadow on the beach so I opt for an eye-popping mascara instead! I’m hooked to the latest mascara of Benefit, the Roller Lash. This mascara gives me the longest lashes I’ve ever had. A great product!

And that’s pretty much it. I don’t tend to wear a lot of make-up to the beach, just for the practical side of it! So aside from skincare, I try to wear as close to no make-up when I’m spending my day in the sand. I personally feel like I can skip the make-up altogether if I feel like it, but I’ll never skip on the skincare and sunglasses! ;-)

What are your favourite beach beauty essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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