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Anverelle loves Blenderelle

13 april 2017
Blenderelle review Anverelle

This Blenderelle product review includes products that are sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Although I was excited to try out my new Beautyblender, I immediately bumped onto a common problem for make-up sponges: hygiene. I’m not too keen on just leaving them on my vanity table.  Whenever I’m traveling, I hate the idea of just throwing them in my bag while they are still damp and covered in foundation…

I was browsing through Instagram when I discovered Blenderelle. It was the design that had first sparked my attention but when I figured out what this pretty case was ment for, I immediately sent an e-mail to them. I hadn’t seen anything like this before and I was simply curious. Anything that makes the make-up life easier is welcome! ;) A few days later I received Blenderelle in the mail and boy do I love it! Let me show you what this pretty case can do for your beloved pink egg (or all other make-up sponges for that matter) :

Blenderelle: Make-up Sponges’ BFF

Blenderelle review Anverelle

Blenderelle by NYC Designed

Simply put: it’s exactly what you need for all your make-up sponges. Make-up sponges can attract quite the amount of bacteria if you don’t wash them regularly. So we’re all being good girls washing our Beautyblenders and Miracle Sponges, but we often leave them damp on our vanity table. Or worse – if we’re traveling we often put them back damp in our make-up bag and close it. Relatable, right?

What actually happens if you keep a damp sponge in a closed environment (like your zipped up and dark make-up bag), is that it becomes a magnet for bacteria and you do not want to spread these on your face while you’re happily blending away your foundation.

That’s where Blenderelle comes in! Blenderelle is a make-up blender case, designed to not only look pretty on your vanity table but to protect and store your sponges – and you can travel with it too!

How Blenderelle works

Blenderelle review Anverelle 3

The cut outs will let your Beautyblender airdry safely.

It’s not rocket science, but there’s some good thinking behind this product! A case to store your make-up sponges us great but if it’s completely closed, it won’t deal with the whole hygiene side of this story. That’s why Blenderelle has beautiful flowery cut outs on the sides and the bottom! This design doesn’t only look cute, but provides over 50% of ventilation so your sponge can safely airdry. The plastic case is made of antimicrobial material so that your make-up sponge stays bacteria free!

Why I love Blenderelle

I’m super excited about Blenderelle because I’ve finally found a way to store my used and damp make-up sponge on my vanity table. Also, when I’m traveling it doesn’t matter anymore if my sponge is damp or dry to take it with me. Especially now that I’m on my way to become a stewardess, I will need to keep a make-up bag with me. With Blenderelle I’m sure my sponge is safely stored until I can wash it again.

The Blenderelle is available on their website and Amazon UK for £ 12/$ 14 (around € 14-16). It comes in two colours: a light pearl shade and a metallic pink shade, which is the one I have. If you want to order one via their website, click here. Your sponges (and face) will thank you! ;)

What do you think of the Blenderelle? How do you store your make-up sponges when traveling?

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