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6 Beauty Travel Essentials

2 augustus 2016
My 6 Beauty Travel Essentials Anverelle

I always try to travel as light as I can! Firstly, because I don’t like dragging a crammed suitcase around. Secondly: if my suitcase isn’t full already, I can bring home some stuff I bought during my stay. The same applies for my make-up bag: I don’t pack every brush, lipstick, eyeshadow or foundation I own. Especially in summer and with sunscreen, I don’t like too many products on my face anyway.

Let’s take a look at what I bring along when I leave for adventure!

My 6 Beauty Travel Essentials

First things first: skincare and sunscreen! With my skincare I’m pretty clear-cut: I take it with me, no matter what. Read all about my current 100% natural skincare here.

For sunscreen, I like something that is light in texture and non-sticky. I always take factor 50 and 30 with me – 50 for the first few days if my skin hasn’t seen any sun yet or if I’m burned but can’t cover that area, and a 30 for daily application. My favourite sunscreen this summer is Vichy’s Ideal Soleil. I like using their hydrating mist spray for my face and a cream for the rest. The reason why I love the spray so much is that I can spray the sunscreen on after my make-up if I’ve forgotten to put it on after my skincare (#oops) and it will not smudge my make-up. WIN!

Tip: Do you have any travel-size counterparts of your favourite products? Take them with you! These are basically the best way to avoid your bag from exploding with make-up.

Now, for my beauty essentials:

My 6 Beauty Travel Essentials Anverelle

My 6 Beauty Travel Essentials

1. Dr. Jart+ BB balm – SPF 30

As soon as summer arrives and I’ve got a tan on my face, I’ll stop wearing foundation and opt for something lighter (or go bare faced!) A BB cream comes in very handy and this one has SPF 30 in it – a big plus. Very buildable and leaves my skin smooth and pixel perfect.

2. NYX Cosmetics HD Concealer – CW03

I will bring a concealer with me for when I’ve had longer nights, but sometimes the BB cream is enough. However, if I do need some coverage I gladly apply some of this NYX HD concealer. Superlight and such a nice shade with a little bit of pink in it to hide my blue undertones.

3. NYX Cosmetics Wonder Stick – WS01 Light/Medium

My favourite contour stick to date! I could bring a powder bronzer, but I really like the colour of this one and it takes up less space in my toiletry bag. Easy to build up, applies heavenly and it’s got a highlighter in it as well, so you’ve got a 2-in-1 product!

Tip: If you have products that can be multifunctional, bring them. It will save you space in your toiletry bag!

4. Makeup Revolution Highlighter – Goddess of Faith

This beautiful highlighter is a dupe for the Sweethearts blushes of Too Faced. If you need some extra glow, this is the right one for you. Absolute poppin’ highlight. That’s all I have to say!

5. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara – 01 Extreme Black

Sultry lashes with this one! My lashes stay soft with this extreme black mascara but give them enough punch to be noticed. I don’t even need a lash curler – saves space! Take a waterproof version with you if you plan on wearing mascara to the pool.

6. NYX Cosmetics Matte Finish Setting Spray

I finish my make-up with a spritz of this setting spray. Matte, because I don’t like the whole “sunscreen glow”, so I try to tone it down with a matte finish. A small bottle, so I can pop it in my bag and double use it as a mist spray – both refreshing and mattifying!

What are your essentials when you go travelling? Do you bring other items? 


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