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10 Years Chloé ▸ Absolu de Parfum

15 november 2017
Chloé Absolu de Parfum Review Anverelle Header

Once upon a time, about 10 years ago – a Chloé rose started to blossom…

Chloé has recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their first perfume: Chloé Eau de Parfum. It all started with the base note: roses. The eternal feminine scent – and it would set the tone for all the other Chloé’s to come!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, a new perfume was created: Absolu de Parfum. More intense than the original, it honours the Chloé spirit: spontaneous, sophisticated, elegant and free.

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Chloé: Garden of Roses

The very first Chloé immediately became an iconic scent. Charming and timeless. I’ve never had any other Chloé’s, besides Lovestory that came out in February. I’ve loved this scent ever since I own it and I’m sure I’ll love Absolu de Parfum just as much!

Chloé Absolu de Parfum Anverelle Review

50 ml : € 90 // 75 ml: € 109

To create Chloé Absolu de Parfum, we start with the damascene rose which is found in the original perfume. The rose scent is then intensified with the centifolia rose from Grasse (South of France). Add some velvety vanilla and just a sliver of patchoeli and you have bottled the character of Absolu de Parfum!

I prefer wearing this in winter since it’s so luxurious and more on the heavier scent spectrum for me. It’s a very warm perfume and you can really smell the typical rose that can be found in every Chloé.

It’s a very elegant perfume that stays very long on my skin and when it fades, it develops a fascinating vanilla trace. The only thing I’m not completely sure of whether I like it or not, is the patchoeli. Just like Love Story, I guess I just need some time to adapt to the scent since it’s so different from the others in my perfume collection.

But in short, it’s definitely a perfume that will make heads turn!

Chloé Absolu de Parfum is available in 50 ml for € 90 & in 75 ml for € 109.

Let’s talk about the packaging. The light amber coloured perfume is encased in a square metal flacon. To mark this limited edition, the metal frame is a cold toned gold – a difference from the other warm golden Chloé’s. The iconic ribbon, found on every Chloé perfume bottle, is a cool beige with gold thread woven into the fabric. As you’ll notice, it’s very different from the other Chloé’s. Limited edition, baby! ;)

Absolu de Parfum: The Photograph

Chloé Absolu de Parfum Anverelle Review Portrait

Just like I did with Chloé Lovestory, I gave my own interpretation to the portrait of the Absolu de Parfum campaign. The portraits for the perfume ads are always shot in black and white – as it is the tradition at the photo studio they always work with. The model is always very natural – the make-up is kept to the minimal.

For me the Chloé spirit is feminine, playful with her own attitude. She’s free and full of that French joie de vivre.

I pictured myself in Chloé’s rose garden, with a pink velvet dress – playing hide and seek. Peaking through the roses.
But once they’ll catch me, I’ll wiggle myself free from the hand that caught my wrist.
Laughing, while I’ll make my way back into the rose garden, ready to be found again.
But only if I’ll let you.

What do you think of the new limited edition of the original Chloé perfume? 

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