Instagram Photos Week #26

28 juni 2015
Instagram Photos week 26 the best people are those who love to eat

Welcome to my Instagram Photos week 26! This post has a lot of yummy food involved, so be prepared! I’ll show you some of my breakfast, lunch and dinner of this week :-)

Instagram Photos Week #26

Last Sunday, this was my breakfast! I’m following some recipes from Kayla Itsines H.E.L.P Guide and this toast must have been my favourite breakfast to date. It’s guilt-free (if in moderation) and it had such a sweet taste to it because of the banana and cocoa!

I can’t ever remember when’s the last time I had real pizza, but it’s probably been months. So I was pretty excited when I saw a recipe for home made pizza in the H.E.L.P Guide! The base is made from quinoa and an egg, so also pretty guilt-free too! But hey, I’m all for having real pizza every once in a while! ;)

It’s always nice to find new places to go eat and this was one of these times I just had to share it with you! If you’re in Ghent and you’re looking for a good saladbar, go take a visit to Romain Roquette! They have 6 different salads which is not that  much to choose from, but they also a suggestion menu. I picked “Arigato“, a salad with salmon, spinach, chinese cabbage, red apples with a tasty ginger dressing.

On Wednesday we felt like having oatmeal for breakfast, so that’s what we did! I have definitely cut back on adding so much nuts and seeds, as I realised that the calories will add up if you put in too much… So right now it was a rather sober breakfast!

I once forgot my earpods at home when I was at the gym, so I couldn’t listen to my workout music and it was awful! Now, I always check if I’m carrying everything I need before I go to the gym! Curious what’s on my playlist? Read and listen here!

Aaah, adding to my beauty stash is something I love. Especially if it’s a new brush! Meet my newest foundation brush from Real Techniques! ;) I’ve heard and seen good things about this brush, so I’m excited to try it out!

Oooh, another yummy breakfast you say? These healthy pancakes are definitely going on my top-3-awesome-breakfast list! They’re made from oatmeal and yoghurt and it tasted suprisingly the same as American pancakes! Maybe less sweet, but that’s why you add berries and a little bit of agave syrup!

Okay, okay. I promise this is the last yummy dish I will share with you this week! :) My mom made these enchiladas from Kayla Itsines’ recipes and they were so good! I never had enchiladas before, so it was a welcome change. New food tastes really good! ;)

THIS just cracked me up! I stumbled upon this in an article from the Glamour magazine and it was just too good to not share. I mean, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were (are?) my favourite Disneyprincesses. It’s just that these dinosaurs look kinda cute. Oh, and the added quotes are just to die for! Want to see more Velociprincesses? ;) Click here to see them all in Laura’s gallery!

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