Halloween Desserts: Marshmellow Ghosts and Tiramisu Graveyard

1 november 2015
Halloween Desserts Marshmellow Ghosts and Tiramisu Graveyard

If there’s one thing I enjoy doing besides make-up, it’s making desserts! Whenever there’s a small dinner party at our house, I’m in charge of the desserts. Pinterest is always a bottomless pit of inspiration and that’s how these desserts came to be. We had a small tapas dinner yesterday and because it was actually Hollow’s Eve, I decided this tapas night needed a little extra: Halloween desserts!

Enter my spooky treats:

Halloween Desserts: Marshmellow Ghosts and
Tiramisu Graveyard

Halloween desserts Marshmallow Ghosts

Marshmellow Ghosts

You’ll need:

  • Brownies
  • Marshmellows
  • White icing (powder sugar & water)
  • Food colouring pen

I made the white icing myself, but time was not on my side for making brownies too. So I settled for store-bought brownies and marshmellows. But if you like to start from scratch (because usually I do too!) you’re absolutely free to make your own batch of brownies first!

Cut your brownies in little squares. Mix powder sugar and water together to make your icing. Your icing needs to have the right consistency: not too runny, but not too thick too! Put a little icing on the bottom of your marshmellow, so it stays on your brownie. Pour the white icing over your marshmellow and brownie, enough to make it drip from your brownie. For lesser mess, try dipping the marshmellows in the icing and then putting them on the brownie. It works and looks fine both ways.

When the icing is hard, you can start drawing your ghostly faces! With a food colouring pen, draw a screamy face :-) Put them on a pretty display and they’re ready to serve!

Tip: These Halloween desserts are not for your party guests only! If you really like putting some effort in Halloween, these make the perfect trick or treats for the dressed-up children who come knocking at your door that night. Big eyes and “Ooooh!” guaranteed!


Halloween desserts Tiramisu Graveyard

Tiramisu Graveyard

You’ll need:

  • Tiramisu
  • Cat’s tongue cookies
  • Food colouring pen
  • Little chocolates like pumpkins to decorate your “graveyard”

Because the tiramisu is a secret family recipe (shhh!), I will not include it this time. Sorry! ;-) However, if you want some inspiration check out these recipes for tiramisu by Jamie and Nigella.

First, you’ll need to make that tiramisu. Once that’s settled, it’s time to make them Halloween desserts appropriate:

Have your cat’s tongue cookies ready, because these will become your tombstones. With your coloured food pen you can write whatever you like on the tombstones. But “R.I.P” is perfect and short enough to fit on your cat’s tongue cookie. And that’s basically it!

You can now decorate your graveyard the way you like it! I added some chocolate pumpkins.
Tip: add chocolate flakes to substitute for dirt/soil. Add zombie hand top picks for added effect.

How was your Halloween this year? Did you do something special?

Picture by Mary Vican (edited)

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