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    Valencia: My First Travelvlog

    23 februari 2017


    Hi there! :-)

    I recently travelled to Valencia for 4 days and three nights and decided to make my first travelvlog!
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I had making it. You can find more pictures below :-)

    Estación del Norte

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Estacion del Norte

    The gloomy rain had just passed by when we came back out of the North station. Funnily, this isn’t the North station at all – it’s just called that way. Actually it’s located in the South of Valencia, lol! Inside this main railway station you can find beautiful ceramic tiles, outside you can marvel at the facade.

    Plaza de Toros

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Plaza de Toros

    The first landmark we saw when we stepped out of the metro station was the old bullring Plaza de Toros. No more bullfights luckily, but you can still catch a concert or visit the museum!

    Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Ciudad de las artes y ciencias

    The City of Arts and Sciences was definitely the highlight on my trip to Valencia. The weather was awesome (19 degrees y’all!) and the sun was shining the whole day! I could have strolled a whole day in the Ciudad de las Arte y Ciencias but we were on a tight schedule to see as much of Valencia as we could so we only spent the morning there.

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Ciudad de las artes y ciencias

    The architecture is simple marvellous and the Hemisfèric is no different. This is an IMAX cinema, a planetarium and laserium. We didn’t want to spend our best sunny day inside so I didn’t get to go inside for a movie, but it’s all on the bucket list for next time :-)

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Ciudad de las artes y ciencias

    Mercado Central

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Mercado Central

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Mercado Central

    The Mercado Central has a lot to offer if you like food! You’ll find Jamón Iberico by the dozens at every foodstall and the Spanish treats are countless.

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Mercado Central

    If you like sweet drinks, you’ll have to try and order a horchata. It’s a typical milky drink from Valencia. The ingredients are chufa (tiger nuts), water and sugar. Caution: almost too sweet! ;-)

    Jardín Botanico

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Jardin Botanico

    If you have really good weather and you find yourself in Valencia during the summertime, I also recommend going to the botanical garden. You can find it close to the Torres de Serranos. Not sure how many tourists there are during the summer, but we caught an extremely calm moment in February where we bumped only into a handful tourists and a small class of children. It’s also in the middle of the city, so if you want a moment of peace and quiet the Jardin Botanico is a must!

    Valencia travelvlog travel Anverelle Jardin Botanico

    Food and restaurants:

    Tapinería: Carrer de la Tapineria, 16
    Bluebell Coffee: Carrer de Buenos Aires, 3
    La Escuela de Arroces y Paella: Carrer dels Juristes, 12
    Mercado Central: Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges
    La Pizca de Sal: Plaça de Santa Úrsula, 3

    Like I said in my video, I’m definitely coming back to Valencia. This city deserves so much more than a citytrip of four days – next time I’m staying for a week or longer. There’s still so much left to discover!

    Let me know what you think of my first travelvlog, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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