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    Beauty Featured Perfume Review

    Nomade Eau De Parfum ▸ Chloé

    18 april 2018
    Nomade Chloé Review Anverelle

    /ˈnəʊmad/ Nomade • a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.

    I don’t know what it is, but I keep on falling in love with the Chloé perfumes. First there was Love Story and then there was Absolu. Since March there’s Nomade, the newest kid on the perfume block. But she’s not here to stay; Nomade embodies the free spirited woman who wanders around the planet, leaving no trace but her perfume.

    When I think of a nomad, my mind immediately goes to endless deserts, camels and vibrant colours of tents and spices. However, since the Sahara is not exactly a close location to shoot in, we went to our own little sandy location: the sea. Wanna come? ;-)

    This Nomade Chloé review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

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