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Welcome to Anverelle!

Hi! I’m Tessa and I’m the blogger behind Anverelle.com!

This blog covers beauty and lifestyle, with a focus on honest make-up reviews and lifestyle-related articles. Whether you’re a complete beauty enthusiast or a casual make-up lover, you’ll feel right at home!

I also believe in being healthy and going to the gym, so you’ll see some of that pop up on Anverelle too! ;-)

Why did I start blogging?

Ever since I was a kid, I really enjoyed reading and writing. But when I went off to college, I slowed down on my literature because I simply couldn’t find the time! I really missed reading, so I went looking for something else to read besides my study books. I ended up subscribing to Bloglovin’ and a whole new blogging world opened up to me! Blogs are like never-ending books to me and I enjoyed reading blogs so much, I rediscovered my love for writing. Then one day, I wondered: why not start blogging myself?

So in August 2014, I launched Anverelle into the world and I absolutely loved it! Blogging is now a part of my life and I couldn’t go without it anymore. With Anverelle, I hope to continue writing and sharing my passions with you. I love to interact with my readers, so please feel free to comment on things or posts you like. Enjoy the blog!

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