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    Nivea In Shower Make-up Remover Review

    14 september 2016
    Nivea in the shower make-up remover review anverelle

    Panda eyes. Very cute to look at in the zoo – not so much in your own bathroom mirror! Nivea has launched a new make-up remover that you can use in the shower. So when you step out of your shower, there’s no more mascara leftovers.

    I decided to put this new product to the test. Hopefully it can save us some bathroom time and we can get rid of those pesky panda eyes!

    Nivea In Shower Make-up Remover

    This cleanser is meant to be used in the shower to remove your make-up without using cotton pads. With its gentle cleansing it protects eyelashes and leaves the skin smooth, cleansed and moisturised.

    I picked up the in shower make-up remover for dry or sensitive skin, which is enriched with almond oil. You also have one for normal to combination skin and that one is enriched with vitamin e. Looks like your skin is going to be super soft indeed! Both versions are dermatologically tested. The normal to combination has the typical Nivea smell, but the dry or sensitive bottle is perfume free!

    You can use the make-up remover two ways:

    – In your quick morning shower for a fresh face that is ready for your skin care routine and make-up application.
    – In your relaxing evening shower so you can go to bed without a trace of today’s make-up.

    I prefer to shower in the morning so I mostly use this cleanser to remove any traces of make-up that were left behind from the evening before. Let’s take a look at the new Nivea in shower make-up remover:

    Nivea in shower make-up remover anverelle review

    The texture is very creamy and milky. It kinda looks like a mixture of a cream and gel, which feels really nice! My bottle of make-up remover (dry or sensitive skin) doesn’t have the typical Nivea scent. I’d rather have my face products unscented – you never know with sensitive skin, right? – so that’s a plus for me!

    Here’s how I use the cleanser:

    I apply the make-up remover with dry hands on my face and start with my eyelashes. I gently massage the product in my eyelashes until they feel soft again – that’s when you can tell your mascara is completely gone! Then I massage the product on the rest of my face and rinse off. DONE! Afterwards I use rosewater to tone my face and apply a light layer of my 4-in-1 moisturiser.

    NOTE: This product can leave a slippery residue on your shower floor, so take care using this make-up remover!

    The cleanser comes in a plastic bottle where you can squeeze the product out. This is the most easiest and hygienic way and one I prefer the most! You will only need a dollop of the cleanser, this is usually enough to cleanse your face. If you’re wearing waterproof make-up you might want to rinse and apply a second time to make sure your face is completely cleansed.

    Nivea in shower make-up remover anverelle review

    Nivea In Shower Make-Up Remover for dry or sensitive skin – € 4,99

    Final conclusion:

    Is it a better make-up remover because you can use it in the shower?
    I don’t think it’s that special because you can basically use any remover in the shower (except for micellar water).
    You’re basically just saving some time in the bathroom!

    Does it work?
    Yes. I’ve tested this make-up remover in my shower with a full face of make-up on and it does remove all traces of it! I do have to say that if you used waterproof mascara you might have to work in the product just a little longer/use more product to completely get rid of it but it definitely does the job! Oh, and it doesn’t sting when it gets in your eyes, which is always a plus for me as a contact lens wearer.

    But I’m indeed impressed with how easily it removes my mascara! My eyelashes are on the fragile side at the moment; they don’t seem so long and strong. I might have to start conditioning them with some castor oil. In the meantime I can cleanse them with this new make-up remover. A gentle cleanse = less damage!

    Will I continue using it?
    Yes and no.
     I’ve switched over to my new RainPharma routine for a few months now which has really balanced out my skin a lot. But to keep that balance, it’s important that I’m consistent in using it! However, Nivea’s in the shower make-up remover is a lot cheaper and I do see myself using it if I’m in a hurry. When I come home late at night all I care about is that my make-up is removed as quick as possible so I might grab the Nivea make-up remover instead of my two-step routine!

    You can buy Nivea in shower make-up remover (150 ml) for € 4, 99.
    What do you think of this new in the shower make-up remover?

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