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    Polette Eyewear Review

    10 augustus 2016
    Polette Eyewear Review Anverelle

    The first thing I do in the morning – even before checking my phone – is putting on my glasses. I’ve been wearing glasses since 6th grade and although I mostly wear contact lenses now, I want my glasses to be stylish and compliment my face whenever I put them on.
    And since we ladies are not afraid to change things up after a while, getting new glasses can get expensive. Enter Polette Eyewear!

    Polette Eyewear

    Polette Review - pic by

    Endless choices in style and design | Source:

    Polette is a French eyewear brand that makes beautiful glasses in synthetic materials. Their concept started with the idea of ending the monopoly on optics and reducing what they call “the insanely high rates”. And it’s true: buying a pair of glasses isn’t something what we – or myself for that matter – randomly shop for. A pair of glasses is usually expensive! What Polette does is suppressing all intermediates and by buying straight from the factory they can offer frames at very budget friendly prices. They have a huge variety of designs, so you’re bound to find something you like. Oh, and all designs are gender neutral; awesome!

    You can choose any frame you like and put in any corrective lenses – or dark lenses, since you can turn every frame into sunglasses! I think this is really good: not only is their collection huge, you also have infinite options with all of them.

    There’s just one thing though: it’s an online webshop only. Hesitant to buy a pair of glasses you’ve never put on your nose before? Here’s the solution: in Amsterdam, you can find their only shop where you can get your eyes measured and try on as many frames as you like! I visited the shop in Amsterdam to try on the dozens of beautiful frames and ended up ordering two frames: a pair of glasses and a pair of sunnies!

    Polette Store Review Anverelle

    The Amsterdam Store: Kinkerstraat 288 | Source:

    My experience with Polette

    I happened to fall upon Polette via Instagram and other bloggers wearing it. I loved the concept and the prices were very competitive, so I thought: why not? I booked a day trip to Amsterdam and included a visit to the Polette shop. I was informed by the lovely shop assistant that I couldn’t walk out with new sunnies on my face (sob) but that you can order online and it would get delivered to your home within two weeks. So the shop is purely there to try everything on and then you can order them in the comfort of your own home. Or in my case in the shop where the assistants will gladly help you out (seriously, they have an eye for client service!)

    I must have tried on almost the complete collection, because I spent a great deal of time there! The collection was just so varied and I wasn’t sure what type of frame I wanted to go for. The glasses I bought with the optician a couple of years ago were a typical Ray-Ban model and I wanted something else, something slimmer. It also turned out I wanted a black frame with golden details. This is what I picked out:

    Polette Review Anverelle Alchimie Black and Lampedusa Black

    Left: Alchimie Black – € 19,99 | Right: Lampedusa Black – € 15,99

    For my glasses I went with Alchimie Black, a black butterfly frame with golden details. I love the slim frame and I think it looks very chique – I absolutely adore the golden details! I also spotted a beautiful pair of sunglasses that I couldn’t resist putting on my face: the Lampedusa Black. A round metal frame with – of course – some gold detailing. It was instant love! The frames are very light weight, compared to the glasses I bought at the optician. I also think the sunglasses are dark enough and very comfortable to wear in harsh light. The frame fits me immediately and didn’t need any alterations on the legs. By the way, I never thought I could rock butterfly frames but here I am, absolutely loving my new glasses!

    I’ve put in single-vision glasses for the Alchimie, that starts from € 9,99. Prices are based on your glasses’ strength: mine are -3.75 on both sides so I fell in the € 29,99 category. All of Polette’s glasses are anti-scratch and anti-reflective. In total I paid € 49,98 for the Alchimie Black. The Lampedusa didn’t need any special glasses so no extra costs! I also bought a case to put my sunglasses in, which was € 5,99.

    TIP: Do make sure you have a prescription form or full details on your strength etc. with you while ordering. You will need to insert some details for your corrective lenses!

    Total cost?

    I paid € 74, 35 for everything, shipping included. Not bad, if you think you wouldn’t be able to get one pair of glasses for that price! The only thing I can comment on is that my delivery time took a bit longer than expected. After assembling my glasses (1-2 working days) it took them longer than the 6-12 working days to arrive at my doorstep – but nothing too serious, just a day or two extra. No biggie!

    Would I order with Polette again?

    YES. Overall I had a very good experience with Polette: from getting help to choose my frames and ordering online to finally putting them on my nose. As I’ve said before, their range is huge! And with their competitive prices you have the freedom to pick one or two – or three! – pairs of glasses and not break your piggy bank. If I ever need a new pair of stylish glasses, Polette is certainly on my top list!

    What do you think of my new glasses? Would you ever order your eyewear online?

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