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    Thermae ▸ A Day at The Spa

    13 februari 2019
    Thermae Grimbergen and Thermae Boetfort Wellness a day at the spa Anverelle Review

    Normally I write about make-up and skincare, but this time it’s a little different! Today I’m reviewing my recent little getaways at both Thermae Grimbergen and Thermae Boetfort. Because feeling happy and relaxed also makes you look beautiful, am I right? ;-)

    I was gifted two treatments to enjoy at Thermae Grimbergen, together with a lunch and a day pass for the spa. For Thermae Boetfort, I was gifted two day passes for the spa. I decided to spend an early Galentines with my mom, since I’m a happy single for two years now :-) I’ll tell you all about how I experienced the spa’s and treatments together with some pictures. Normally a cellphone is not “allowed” inside – because hey, you’re there to relax! But when you invite a bunch of bloggers to come test your facilities, you can be sure some pictures are going to be taken ;-) Of course we respected all the other guests and only photographed ourselves when we were alone or able to shoot them. Anyways… You get the “picture”, right? Let’s chillax! ;-)

    This Thermae Grimbergen and Boetfort review includes free day entrance to the spa’s and two treatments at Thermae Grimbergen that were sent to me by a brand or company. I have payed the two treatsments at Thermae Boetfort myself. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

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